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Busy Week for Acting Class with Plays at Rec. Center at CBES

The Younger kids Class preformed a Play for their parents at the Rec. Center this past Wednesday.

The Luv2Act crew performed twice last week starting last Wednesday with the 3-6 year old group holding a play for an audience of parents. The older group performed for the entire fourth and fifth grade class last Thursday with their performance of “Who are We?” The time traveling adventure took the audience through the past, present and future.
 “Luv2act is all about supporting the creative expression of the children,” Kim Henry director of Luv2Act explains, “we create shows that embrace the strengths and dreams of the young performers, empowering them to shine bright within a role that they have created. Drama is a wonderful way to nurture a child’s self-esteem if it is explored within a caring and inspiring environment.”
The company co-create a show through weekly workshops that explore a diverse range of performance arts. Within just 10 months, Luv2act has performed two shows at the Hannah Block Community Arts Center Downtown, one on the stage of the Upper Room and multiple shows right here on the Boardwalk. One such performance this summer saw a collaboration with Marie Whitely, of the Pleasure Island Dance Company, where the group of young performers time travelled through the musical styles of different decades. For more details, to enroll or to invite Luv2act to perform at your event, please contact -  Kim Henry, Luv2act- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , www.luv2act.com. ‘Luv2act’ Facebook page, 910 616 9180.