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New Hanover County Schools High School Student Musicians Selected

New Hanover County Schools is pleased to announce that 40 band students from the district’s four traditional high schools – Ashley, Hoggard, Laney and New Hanover – have been selected to participate in the state Eastern District Honor Band. The student musicians were selected to participate in the regional band through an audition process that required students to learn seven or eight scales, multiple octaves, the chromatic scale for their instruments and full solos as selected by the North Carolina Bandmasters Association.   The student auditions concluded with solo performances as each student performed for a panel of judges who ranked them against their peers and selected the students for the Honor Band.
The selected students will travel to the campus of East Carolina University in Greenville, February 1-2, 2013, to rehearse and perform with other members of the All-District Band. They will spend two intense days rehearsing to prepare for their concert on Saturday, February 2ndat 5:30 p.m. The concert is free and open to the public.
A total of 190 students were selected for the Eastern District Honor Band, representing 30 counties and up to 64 high schools. NHCS’ student participation makes up approximately 21% of the Honor Band. This is an excellent representation of NHCS, its accomplished students and strong arts programs.
The following student musicians were selected to participate in the Eastern District Honor Band:
• Ashley High School - Rob Parker, Band Director, Paul Atkins, Erik Bernhard, Alberto Cruz, Erik Dahlin, Jenny Harod, Clara Hare-Grogg,Joshua Johnson, Lauren Jun, Steve Lease, and Rachael Reyna
• Hoggard High School - Rod Reed, Band Director, Will Boldizar, Constance Chadwick, Allison Flowers, Caroline Guthrie, Ryan Hardison, Lauren Iamatteo, Evan Linett, Robert McLean and Abi Orde
• Laney High School - Robert Pearson, Band Director, Kiera Abraham, Tyler Baucom, Lauren Daniel, Rachel Glew, Ashleigh Morey, and Mathew Nash
• New Hanover High School - Tim McCoy, Band Director, Tanner Bowerman, Adam Chandler, Madison Cubbage, Joe Daley, Riley Ferguson, Grace Hutko, Caitlyn Jones, Ellie Kerr, Thomas Lee,  Shaffer Lisle, Rachel McCoy, Cliff Poland, David Puritz, Emily Russell, and Destiny Wynn