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New Hanover County Schools Art Students Bring Home 121 Scholastic Art Awards

New Hanover County Schools was a major winner during the 2013 Scholastic Art Awards competition hosted recently by Barton College.  This year, there were a total of 2,123 artworks submitted for judging along with 78 portfolios from 147 schools in North Carolina. NHCS secondary students won 32 Gold Key awards, and Ashley High School senior Amie Efting was the only NHCS student to have received the Gold Key Award for her entire portfolio.  In addition to the Gold Key Awards, NHCS students received 50 Silver Key Awards and 39 Honorable Mentions.
Digital images of the Gold Key awards, as well as the Gold Key portfolio, will be sent to New York City for judging against other regional winners for the national exhibition, which will be held in June at the Corcoran Gallery, Washington, DC.
The Gold Key Award recipients were honored during the February 3rdceremony at Barton College.  This celebration inaugurated an exhibition of the student artwork in Barton Galleries, which will run through February 22, 2013. Students’ Gold Key artwork can be seen online at
The following NHCS students received awards from the North Carolina Scholastic Art Award Competition: SCHOLASTIC GOLD KEY WINNERS - Ashley High School - Teacher: Joseph Cunliffe, Lauren Jun, Mr. Cunliffe, Cory Morrison, Pilgrim Bottle, Joseph Roberts, Face Pot; Teacher:  Shelly Day, Marleena Freeman, Self-portrait and Margaret Shibley, Unreal; Teacher: Angela Hewett, Erica Buchanan – 2 Gold Keys, Distinctive Marks & Morning Cup and Amie Efting, - 7 Gold Keys, All Smiles, Blind Beggar, Curious, Savannah, Somber, The Dead and the Loved, & Wisdom, Amie Efting - Art Portfolio, Jessica Hughes, Oranges  , Lauren Long, Pig, Juliana Rankin, Onions, Cole Stikeleather, Censorship, Grace Tew – 2 Gold Keys, Lips & Juli and a Cup, Allison Villagran, Seventeen, Grey Von Cannon – 4 Gold Keys – Amie, Coffee Anyone?, In the Jungle, & Love. Hoggard High School - Teacher: Anne Sinclair - Kristen Brown, Mute, Eyonna Fennell, Untouchable,  Venusennifer Martinez, Fire Hydrant. New Hanover High School - Teacher: Sarah Jones - Sada Hudson, Hammer Time. Roland-Grise Middle School - Teacher: Jen Capps - Helen Barnett, Curious & Compassionate Primate, Dylan Mintz – 2 Gold Keys - The Bird Behind the Colors & Pop Cocktail, Dylan Mintz - The Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park Recycled Materials Award.
SCHOLASTIC SILVER KEY WINNERS - Ashley High School - Teacher: Joseph Cunliffe - Kayla Evans – 2 Silver Keys – Flower Bowl & Flowers, Marleena Freeman, The Whistling Buddha, Lauren Jun, Pierced Vessel, Stephen Lee, Asian-Themed Serving Dish, Justine Marguerat, Joyful Buddha, Cory Morrison, - 4 Silver Keys - Amber Vessel, Black Vessel, Natures Vessel, & Timeless Vessel, Emily Sprenger – 2 Silver Keys - Black Vessel & Blue Vine, Rupert Strickland, Thrown Black and Blue. Teacher: Shelly Day - Kayla Evans, Self-portrait, Margaret Shibley, Glee, Lane Thompson, On the Riverwalk. Teacher: Angela Hewett -  Amie Efting – Silver Key - Art Portfolio, Amie Efting – 5 Silver Keys - On The Holy Hill, Pink Sandals, The Darkness, Threaded, &  Woven, Jessica Hughes – 2 Silver Keys - Purple Bicycle & Winner Boat, Lauren Long, Tunnel, Michelle O'Brien, Two Cameras, Abigail Ortega – 3 Silver Keys – Enmarcados, Itzel, & Over Time, Kara Plotner - Juicy , Juliana Rankin – 4 Silver Keys - Clips, Juli, Mama's Hose, & Simba, Miranda Spencer – 2 Silver Keys - Chemistry & Humans, Cole  Stikeleather, Sailor Boy, Grace Tew – 2 Silver Keys – Grace & Onion, Allison Villagran, Carmen, Grey Von Cannon – 3 Silver Keys - Charleston's Oats, Up the Hill, & Windows, Keala Yu, Grade 12 – 3 Silver Keys - Chefs Choice, M&M's, & Tanning Bed. New Hanover High School - Teacher: Sarah Jones - Katherine Bartlett, Self-assessment, Margaret Hissam, Sweet Treat of NC, Sada Hudson, Spoon Vision. Hoggard High School - Teacher: William Hubbard - Sophie Haulman, Ruby, Krischan Jennings, Drake.  SCHOLASTIC HONORABLE MENTIONS - Ashley High School - Teacher: Jacqueline Booth - Jessica Hughes, Tuesday in the Shadows, Teacher:  Joseph Cunliffe - Kayla Evans – 2 Honorable Mentions - African Pot & Flower Plate, Griffin Faulkner – 2 Honorable Mentions - Figurative Pot & Green Tree Pot, Marleena Freeman, Exquisite Yet Broken, Phelan Jones, Lided Owl Form, Lauren Jun, Angel Bas Relief, Cory Morrison, Agate Ware, Cora Stephens, Safari Vesel. Teacher:  Shelly Day - Savannah Carter, Still Life, Alexia Kahler, Pink, Margaret Shibley, Fabric Observational Drawing. Teacher:  Angela Hewett - Amie Efting – 2 Honorable Mentions - Fall & Kara, Jessica Hughes – 6 Honorable Mentions - Artists Anonymous, Blue Bicycle, Gorilla, Green Bicycle, Pen Girl & St. Paul's, Lauren Long – 2 Honorable Mentions - Cds & Twins, Michelle O'Brien, Food Processor, Abigail Ortega, Yellow, Kara Plotner – 2 Honorable Mentions - Shark Bite & Summertime, Juliana Rankin – 3 Honorable Mentions - Joe, Past Life, & Squigley's, Grace Tew, Snack Machine, Allison Villagran – 3 Honorable Mentions – Lifeguard, Mugshots, & Prague, Grey Von Cannon – 4 Honorable Mentions - Bottled Up, Candles, Destruction, & Paris. Roland-Grise Middle School - Teacher: Jen Capps - Brooke Benton, The Value of the Lionfish