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New Hanover County Schools Receives Grants To Fund Free Family Support Classes for Parents and Children

New Hanover County Schools, in partnership with the Child Advocacy and Parenting Place (CAPP Center), has been granted two multi-year grants from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) to provide family-centered services to children and families aimed at achieving optimal health and well-being.  The grants are valued at $190,000 and will provide funding for the development, operation and expansion of community-based, family support programs in New Hanover County Schools next year.
Dr. Rick Holliday, NHCS Assistant Superintendent for Support Services stated, "The free services will be announced at pre-K, elementary, and middle schools beginning in the fall 2013 terms, but enrollment in the classes will be limited.” He added, “We are pleased to be a partner in this initiative to support parents, especially during formative years, and we encourage families to take advantage of this opportunity.”
According to Liz Mandel, CEO of CAPP Center, the grants cover evidence-based programs that are research-based and proven effective for reducing children's aggression and behavior problems and increasing social competence at home and at school. “The multi-week, interactive classes for parent and child develop new capacities, skills and knowledge that can be used repeatedly to strengthen families and assure success.”
The Incredible Years® Program will be offered for parents of pre-school children and Strengthening Families Programs® will be offered for parents of elementary and middle school students.” Mrs. Mandel said, “We act on the belief that a child is the most precious of all human beings, and the ability to withstand the emotional and social challenges as a teenager, clearly rests upon an early, caring relationship between parent, teacher, child and the greater community.”
“We look forward to partnering with New Hanover County Schools to promote social and emotional competence, school readiness skills and prevent conduct problems so that all children can grow to become healthy, self-sufficient youngsters ready to achieve long-term success in school and life and take an active role in our community,” she added.   
To understand the value of these services, Mrs. Mandel quoted a parent who had just finished her sessions…”I have been so impressed with this program that I believe all families could benefit. I wish I had known programs like this were available when my child was younger and I was new to single parenthood. I have told friends about the group and many have expressed interest and would like to learn more. We can all learn to be better parents and stronger families.”
For more information on the family support programs, contact the CAPP Center at (910) 791-1057.