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Luv2act Gets Ready For Summer

Luv2act is all set for a creative summer of fun! Director and founder Kim Henry, who moved to the Island 2 years ago with her husband and 2 children, has a diverse 4 weeks of camps ready to rock.
A Play In A Week is based right here on the island, August 5th-9th, at the Kure Beach Community Center. The performance week will be run in collaboration with Wilmington dance teacher, Paige Kyle-Haney. The show, which will be a co-creation with the performers, will be held at the new Kure Beach Amphitheater.
“Our final show before summer camps begin is on Sunday May 12th at the Hannah Block Theater Downtown and everyone is welcome to attend. It will give those who are new to Luv2act a good idea of what we’re all about. We’re very excited,” beams Henry, “ as with all of Luv2ct shows, it has an inspiring message, while touching on themes and ideas that are important to the children. The performers are all so creative when given the chance to express themselves - they’re awesome!” Luv2act teaches new skills, nurtures self-confidence and explores diverse creative mediums. “This show is called, ‘Life’s A Gift’ and includes a film made by the children, multiple dance routines, singing solo’s and poetry!” explains Henry. The three other summer camps will take place at the new Theatre Now space, Downtown. Two of them are for 7-12 year olds (22-28 of July & July 29 - August 4) & the final week is for teens. “I‘m really excited to be doing the first Luv2act Teen Camp in Wilmington,” says Henry. This camp will run on August 12-18 and is in collaboration with professional musician Perry Smith and creative movement teacher Heather Till, who jointly run the Wilmington branch of Turning The Wheel. It will include spoken word, music, dance & drama for the ultimate expression of teenage issues.
For more info or to enroll in summer camps, contact Kim Henry on 910 616 9180 or email info@luv2act .com