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NWA World Wide Wrestling Ignites Island

By: Jason Morgan
Guest Writer

NWA World Wide Wrestling ignited fans for the second time in as many months at the Carolina Beach Recreation Center Saturday June 8, 2013 for “War On The Shore!”  Fans young and old were on the edge of their seats and on their feet all night as they cheered their favorite wrestlers or booed those they love to hate.
The show started with the voice of NWA World Wide Wrestling, Jason Morgan, announcing that Carolina Beach would now be the primary home for television tapings of NWA World Wide Wrestling and hinting of a state-wide television deal in the works.  The microphone was turned over to National Wrestling Alliance legendary announcer Marty Lefler to start the action. The first match of the night pitted Zane Dawson against Mark James.  James and Dawson have a storied history with Dawson having the upper advantage in wins.  Dawson quickly took control of the match but James feeding off crowd support regained the upper hand in the end and caught Dawson with a spine buster and secured the win by pin fall. In match number two ‘The Michigan Assassin’ Bobby Wohlfert faced off against Hector Elvis Sanchez in the two’s first ever meeting. Wohlfert is known to be a very aggressive, ground and pound, mat style wrestler with a strong amateur background. The ground game of Wohlfert took Elvis (a fan favorite) out of his normal game plan until Wohlfert made a mistake and Elvis capitalized with his patented ‘Taking Care of Business’ and pinned Wohlfert.
The third match saw the ‘Mid-Atlantic Monster’ and leader of ‘The Fold’, Cueball Carmichael, take on Tito “soul Train’ Raines in what became more of a street brawl than a wrestling match.  Raines out powered Carmichael but Carmichael proved why he’s known as the dirtiest player in the game by skillfully utilizing the outside ring presence of Fold member Pat Cusick to turn things around on Raines. Carmichael hit Raines with a right hand, knocking him out, and referee Mark Denny counted to three and awarded the win to Cueball Carmichael as irate fans tried to tell Denny it appeared Carmichael had used a foreign object to get the win over Raines.
The return of ‘Tainted Love’ Daniel Messina came in the fourth match of the night as he was ordered to face Hang Tyme following in Messina’s first match since his recent suspension by the National Wrestling Alliance. Messina quickly took his aggression out on Hang Tyme until Messina’s psychopathic arrogance kicked in and he missed his infamous belly roll leg drop. Hang Tyme lived up to his name flying off the top rope and catching Messina with a cross body block into the pin fall and three count giving Hang Tyme the win. The Main Event featured a double elimination tag team match between NWA National Heavyweight Champion Damien Wayne and his partner the Human Predator against ‘Fold’ members, NWA Eastern States Heavyweight Champion Lou Marconi and ‘The Silent Psychopath’ Pat Cusick, putting both titles up for grabs. The National Wrestling Alliance placed the stipulation on the match in hopes of controlling the actions of ‘The Fold’ and the revenge mind set of both Wayne and the Predator. So much for that idea.
The match opened to complete chaos as Wayne and the Predator hit the ring and immediately took it to Marconi and Cusick. The leader of ‘The Fold’, Cueball Carmichael, motioned for Marconi and Cusick to clear the ring and regroup. Upon returning to the ring, Marconi found himself at the mercy of Wayne and the Predator as they continued to work the shoulder joint on Marconi and keep him from tagging in Cusick for some relief. The ringside presence of Carmichael proved instrumental once Cusick entered the ring and Carmichael orchestrated ‘The Fold’ comeback as they controlled not only the match but the line of sight of referee Mark Denny. Cusick was able to hit the Predator in the area of the throat dropping him to his knees as Marconi distracted referee Mark Denny. Carmichael the used some type of flamable device and the Predator’s face was instantly consumed in a huge fireball. As he fell backwards writhing in agony, Cusick secured the pin eliminating the Predator from the match. Damien Wayne hit the ring and almost instantly took out Cusick leaving the two champions, Marconi and Wayne to face each other for all the gold.
If you want to know the rest, you can follow NWA World Wide Wrestling on Facebook at or go t their web site at NWA World Wide Wrestling will return to the Carolina Beach Recreation Center in August 2013. A confirmed date will be announced on their web site.