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New Hanover County Schools Preparing To Launch Home Base

The district’s new student information system and instructional improvement system. New Hanover County Schools (NHCS) will launch a new student information system (SIS) and instructional improvement system (IIS) called Home Base for the 2013-2014 school year. The Home Base SIS, PowerSchool, will replace the former SIS, North Carolina Window of Information on Student Education (NCWISE). PowerSchool will serve as a portal into all of the Home Base systems. Home Base will also replace the existing online teacher evaluation tool, McRel. The new system is made up of the following components:
• Learner Profile and Student Information
• Standards & Curriculum
• Instructional Design, Practice & Resources
• Assessment
• Data Analysis and Reporting
• Professional Development & Educator Evaluation
Home Base will function as the source for all aspects of student data to meet the needs of administrators, teachers, students and parents.  
• Administrators– The Home Base system provides the capabilities to monitor all relevant data pertaining to students, teachers and schools.
• Teachers– The Home Base system serves as the primary grading tool and provides access to student data and necessary resources. Teachers will be able to supplement their current resources with individualized educational materials, view diagnositic breakdowns of each child’s performance, and engage in professional development modules according to personal interests, district goals and state standards. Home Base will also provide teachers with access to resources to make better informed decisions related to instruction, assessment, and student career and college goals.
• Students–The Home Base system, through PowerSchool, allows access to grades, teacher assigned learning activities, and assessments. It also gives students the ability to store examples of personal academic and/or artistic work and collaborate with other students on projects.
• Parents – The Home Base system, through PowerSchool, provides the online portal for viewing their child's attendance record, grades, and teacher assignments. Parents will now access their child’s school data through the Parent Portal module instead of the Parent Assist Module (PAMs) used under the previous system. Parents can expect user friendliness similar to PAMs, with single sign-on access to student data. Each school in the district will be exposed to the Parent Portal module during its training and will have informative brochures and slide shows available for parents seeking additional information. Parents can also visit the Department of Public Instruction’s (DPI) official website for further information on the Home Base system and Power School, including a helpful video specifically for parents. Home Base training for school administration and lead teachers is currently in progress for all schools in the district. Before the first day of school, all district school administrators and teachers will be trained in and have access to basic student data such as student schedules, grade book, and attendance records. While this process is a vast transition that will require ongoing training, Home Base is projected to perform more efficiently and offer a broad range of instructional improvement tools to supplement current local tools.