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5th Annual Salty Paws Festival Entertains Pooches and Parents Alike

Despite a little rain, Carolina Beach Lake was all for the dogs this past Saturday at the 5th Annual Salty Paws Festival. Hundreds of people and pooches joined in for a great cause supporting local non-profit “Saving Animals During Disasters.” Attendees enjoyed a mixture of entertainment, education, and aid for rescued animals. The festival included live music by Mystic River, a wine and beer garden, and a variety of foods for both people and pets!
Saving Animals During Disasters is a non-profit organization based out of Carolina Beach, NC, providing disaster aid locally as well as other disaster areas in the southeastern United States. Saving Animals During Disasters was started the day after Hurricane Katrina hit in August 2005.
The haunting horror and devastation shown in the news showed the fear and desperation of the animals affected. The despair of animal lovers everywhere, came together and brought the hope and resilience of thousands of volunteers and the work began.
Some were happy endings and some were not. Saving Animals During Disasters was formed primarily to help provide the essential care to animals during emergency situations in natural and man-made disasters. Man-made disasters are such as rescuing animals from puppy mills and dog fighters. In effort to reach out to all animals in need, Saving Animals During Disasters works with other existing animal organizations to help eliminate some of their overhead and stress. Through the generosity of businesses and individuals, we are able to help many rescue organizations.  Money is constantly going out to help special needs situations for medical bills, etc.  We bring in approximately 40 tons of free pet food and treats per year and distribute it all to the groups which are in the most need.  Several thousand per year is put into spaying and neutering of animals that would normally fall between the cracks.  There is no way to count how many dog houses, bedding, crates and everything is else is collected throughout the the year and sent on to animals in need.  
Money is also raised by the all year collection of yard sale items and other various fundraisers. For more info on SADD, how to donate join or volunteer visit their website at http://savinganimalsduring