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New Sefaring Novel Tropical Squall

A new seafaring novel, Tropic Squall, is now available. Nautical stories have become popular since the publications of The Perfect Storm, The Hungry Ocean and In the Heart of the Sea. Tropic Squall could be the next success-story of this genre. This novel chronicles the passage of one of the small tramps out of Miami trading in the Caribbean during August of 1992—perilously steaming in the path of Hurricane Andrew—one of history’s most violent and destructive storms.
Few recent books deal with the world of tramp ships and the people who own and man them, a unique society that rows to the tune of a different drummer.
Tropic Squall is a treatise on one man’s stubborn insistence to live life in the way he chooses, slamming the door on the intrusion of new or alternative ways, and all too often making dumb choices. Having made seafaring his way of life that deck officer adopted an aversion to permanent mating—resisting the changes that gnaw away at his obstinacy, requiring tragedy to initiate awakening.  
A woman cargo-shipper takes passage on the tramp from Miami to Haiti, and during those three days she consorts with the cocky deck officer. Neither intends for it to be more than an ephemeral joy ride, and are disturbed by the relationship intensifying into an endearing romance. Battered by a hurricane the ship sinks, making survival a test for the hardiest. Four of them share a rickety lifeboat through a storm-lashed night. In the face of disaster the protagonist realizes how deeply he loves the woman and battles to save her.    Readers relate to this book since it deals with dreams and aspirations, as well as tribulations. Struggle for survival and striving for betterment are universal. Love is the strongest emotion we experience and this book sweeps readers through the highs and lows of desire, fear, determination, and raging storms. see Tropic Squall, written by Ben Cherot and published by BQB Publishers of  Alpharetta, Georgia, is available at bookstores as well as from online booksellers, distributed by all major distributors including Baker & Taylor as well as Ingram Book.