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Lawyers for Literacy Program Honored for woth with NHC Schools

Teachers at Snipes Academy and Gregory School of Science, Mathematics and Technology said their students have benefited greatly this academic year from weekly reading sessions with the Lawyers for Literacy (L4L) Program. L4L volunteers include judges, attorneys, paralegals and law students who spend 30 minutes a week for a minimum of four weeks with 2 to 4 students who have been selected by their teachers for additional help to improve their reading skills. Volunteers share their time, love of reading and knowledge of Civics, U.S. History, and biographies of American heroes.  Volunteers are required to listen to the children read interesting non-fiction books and assist them as needed.   "L4L has not only helped these students with reading skills, it has sparked their interest in non-fiction books in general.  Children want to read about real things that happened and are curious about how they can become active and vital parts of their government and a part of the change that they want to see in the world around them," L4L Chairwoman Ann David said.
 On June 19, 2014, the North Carolina Bar Association's Board of Governors will recognize L4L at their annual state convention.  They have asked the Snipes Teacher of the Year and L4L teacher, Ms. Emily Mason, one of her students involved in L4L, along with Ms. David, to speak about the program and the benefits that it has provided for the last two years.
 L4L was a pilot program in New Hanover County last year and became so successful that it is been replicated in several cities statewide including Raleigh, Durham and Charlotte.  It was also recently featured in the North Carolina Bar Association's magazine.  The program was also featured at the American Bar Association's Law Related Education Conference in Atlanta in October. It was so well received that Lawyers for Literacy has been invited back as a feature program at their next event.  In addition, several states have also requested the model to start a L4L in their states.