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Kure Beach Lifeguard Tryouts

Tryouts are May 12th at 10 AM. In the past the tryout has been run one mile, swim 550 meters consecutively. This year the tryout will be run 1.25 miles, swim 800 meters consecutively. Hopefully you all have been training throughout the off-season, and if you haven't make sure you get started today. After tryouts, there will be a two week mandatory training period in which you will be taught all of the essential skills of lifeguarding in Kure Beach. Training will include basic rescues, multivictim rescues, specialized rescue techniques, unconscious victim rescues, cpr, first aid, aed, in-depth medical training, medical application on the beach, and standard operating procedures. Each day of training will also start off with extensive physical training, in which you will be pushed harder and faster than ever before to prepare you to be one of the best lifeguards on the east coast.