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“Toys and Games” and Programs Too at Cape Fear Museum

Join Cape Fear Museum and other historic organizations in the downtown area to learn about regional history on Tuesday with a lecture. Pirates invade the Learning Center on Saturday. And, don't miss the Toys and Games exhibit now "playing" at the Museum!
• Historic Collaborative Lecture: “Settlements” - Date/Time: Tuesday, May 8 at 7:00 PM. Cape Fear Museum. Fee: $10 per lecture; Tickets are available through the Historic Wilmington Foundation 910-762-2511. Brunswick Town vs. Wilmington—find out why one town succeeded and the other declined, as we journey towards Revolution. Lecture by Dr. Chris E. Fonvielle, Jr., associate professor in the Department of History at UNC Wilmington.
• Learning Center: Pirate Invasion - Date/Time: Saturday, May 12 from 1-4 PM. Fee: Free for members or with general admission. Discover the world of pirates as you make and hoist your own Jolly Roger, get a pirate tattoo, and make a Lego pirate ship. Dress up like a privateer and learn how to tie knots aboard a ship. Play pirate games and go on an exciting treasure hunt.
Featured Exhibits
• Toys and Games - Exhibit closes September 9, 2012 - Remember your favorite toy when you were young? What games did you play with your friends and siblings? Many of us connect to our pasts through our childhood experiences. View historical images of people at play and toys and games from our collection. Play with a variety of interactives inspired by the Museums’ collection. From Barbie dolls and tea sets to cap guns and a 1970s video game, Toys and Games connects visitors to generations of local residents through their playthings. Adults and children alike enjoy viewing toys from the past, and you can enjoy playing together as a family.
• Cape Fear Treasures: Shoes - Exhibit closes July 15, 2012 - Glimpse a selection of footwear from Cape Fear Museum’s permanent collection. Imagine walking in our shoes as you view a sampling of the Museum’s collection of footwear from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries featuring spectator oxford pumps, lace-up boots, satin slippers, leather wing tips, suede wedges, Air Jordans, and US Air Force combat boots.
• Shopping Around Wilmington - Exhibit closes February 17, 2013 - In an era before mega-malls, online ordering, and big box stores, shopping in Wilmington centered around downtown. Shopping Around Wilmington will explore more than 100 years of shopping in Wilmington. Explore the ways in which increasing suburbanization changed people’s retail experiences. View some of the Museum’s images and artifacts that tell the Port City’s shopping story.