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Performing Arts Night Makes Friday Nights Sizzle

Every Friday night through August 31st, Performing Arts Night (PAN) ignites the Historic Carolina Beach Boardwalk Gazebo!  FREE show!  Starting at 8pm to 10pm the epic show continues to grow!  “The FREE show shows local talent and gives everyone a chance to perform onstage,” says Hallie D.  Hallie D inflames (PAN) every Friday night in summer along with other dedicated professionals. “I got permission from the CB FIRE Department and local authorities to do this.  I showed up at the Gazebo with my fire, a boom box and a friend.  A few people stopped to watch,” said Teresa, PAN Coordinator. 
 “This is how we learn how to spin FIRE,” say Garrett.  Garrett spins and provides learning as he spins LED.  LED is an optical delight!  FIRE is epic!  Garrett demonstrates both. Along with FIRE and MUSIC from FERRARI Carolina Beach is on FIRE! For more info contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or friend us on Facebook for upcoming events.