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St. Paul’s United Methodist Church Weekly Update

300 Harper Avenue • Carolina Beach, NC

Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance. PROVERBS 5:1
In Saint Paul's 2013 continuing emphasis on the discipleship of  learning we will offer three adult studies. Disciple:Into the Word, Into the World is the second in the Discipleship Bible Series. This 32 week course includes deep study of the Scripture with concentrations on Genesis, Exodus, Luke, and Acts. The series starts on Tuesday February 5th at 7:00PM.. Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense is a 10-week study. It's author N.T. Wright offers a fresh presentation of the timeless truths of Christianity and makes a strong case for a faith that is reasonable and rewarding for us today. The series starts on Wednesday January 16 at 10:30AM.
Also a eight study presented by Rev. Lynn Yeso, The Way of Forgiveness , begins on Sunday March 3 at 2PM. This course encourages individuals working alone and in small groups to learn to live a forgiven and forgiving live in response to Christ's call. Participants are encouraged to grow in the heart and mind of Christ through daily prayer, journaling, group sharing, and prayerful attention to scripture. All our study groups meet in Saint Paul's Fellowship Hall located at 300 Harper Avenue Carolina Beach. Adults of all faiths are welcome to join and participate.
A reminder that Waves of Grace our youth group meets on Wednesdays at 5:45PM in the Youth Activity Center YAC located in the bright yellow building located on the corner of Wilson Avenue and Lumberton. Dinner is provided We welcome all to attend our Sunday Services. We offer a blended service at 8:30AM and a more traditional service at 11:00AM. Also Wednesday evenings is a 7:00PM service Wednesdays at the Well. It offers a mid-week time for reflection and renewal.
For information please visit our website or telephone the church office 458-5310.