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Katie B. Hines Senior Center News and Events

Katie B. Hines Senior Center Pancake Breakfast This Saturday

Come out and support our Island’s seniors this Saturday for their monthly Pancake Breakfast. Proceeds go toward building expenses for our local Senior Center, which is still in need of some roof work! The Katie B. Hines Senior Center, located at 308 N. Lake Park Boulevard in Carolina Beach serves a fresh, homemade breakfast from some of the finest cooks around on the first Saturday of each month.
The pancake breakfast includes three wholesome pancakes along with patty sausage and scrambled eggs. If you haven’t been out to the pancake breakfast yet, it’s a must that you do! You can keep in touch with all of the wonderful events taking place at the Katie B. Hines Senior Center online at or contact them at 910-458-6609.

Who’s At Risk?

Self-Assessment Tool Helps New Hanover and Pender County Area Families Avoid the Dangers of Caregiver Distress  Nearly one-third of adults living in New Hanover and Pender Counties are family  caregivers who could be at risk for heart disease, diabetes, depression and  various other physical and emotional maladies as a result of caregiver distress,  a potentially dangerous condition brought on by the pressures of caring for a  senior loved one. 
In response to this growing issue, the local Home Instead Senior Care® office  has launched a public awareness campaign - Family Caregiver Stress ReliefSM at - to help family caregivers determine if they  are at risk for distress and to minimize problems before they escalate.  Included in the program are two new tools: The Are You a Caregiver Quiz, which is designed to help a family caregiver self-identify and recognize the role of a  caregiver, and the Family Caregiver Distress Assessment, adapted for the Home  Instead Senior Care network by Dr. Peter Vitaliano of the University of  Washington.
The assessment allows caregivers to determine their risk for  distress and resulting emotional and physical issues, including depression,  heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. 
“So many spouses and adult children are unaware of their potential risk of  caregiver distress because they don’t see themselves as caregivers.
These new resources enable them to understand their role, the stresses they may face as a  caregiver, and how that stress might lead to more serious health effects,” said  Sarah Blackman, owner of the local Home Instead Senior Care office. “It’s important for caregivers to understand that stress can impact one’s ability to  care. If they don’t care for themselves, they may put their senior loved ones at  risk. Whether it’s support groups, stress management techniques or respite help,  caregivers need to realize the importance of managing their health, too.”   For more information about the services of the Home Instead Senior Care office  in Wilmington and New Hanover and Pender Counties call 910-342-0455 or visit