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News from Saint Paul's United Methodist Church

300 Harper Avenue • Carolina Beach, NC

From Pastor Shawn,
“Jesus loved to eat and drink and celebrate. A lot. So much that he was accused of being a glutton and a drunkard (Matthew 11:19). Those accusations were all bunk, of course. He just believed that life was meant to be celebrated. But there was another accusation about Jesus that was right on target: he not only ate and drank; he ate and drank with sinners. He refused to draw a line between “us” and “them,” because let’s face it, everyone’s a sinner in one way or another.
There’s a great story Jesus told about a king having a wedding banquet for his son. It was, of course, going to be extravagant; and it was an honor to be invited.
However, when the day came, all of those people who were invited made up one excuse for another for why they couldn’t be there. This doesn’t stop the king, though. He decides to just invite everyone and anyone to come and join in the feast. At St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, we seek to follow the example of Jesus. So, when we join together around a table—whether it’s a covered-dish dinner or Holy Communion—we want everyone to know that they’re included. The invitation isn’t just for those who think they’re righteous. In fact, it’s mostly for those who know they’re not. Jesus joins with us at the table because we’re all flawed, imperfect, or broken in some way. So, we’re a come-as-you-are kind of church, and we hope that you’ll gather around the table with us soon!”
Please join us for Sunday worship at 8:30Am and 11AM. Also we offer Christian Education that includes Adult Sunday School at 9:45AM. A supervised nursery is available. Need a mid-week uplift for your spirit and mind? Our 7PM  Wednesdays at the Well provides an assist in your connections,  with God, with each other, an with your world. The service is open door, laity lead, and encourages all to participate and share.
For more information about us please go to our website

Activities & More

CAROLINA BEACH - Wednesdays at St. Paul's is busy offering something for all. There is a Bible Study at 10:30AM. And we have two mid – week activities for children. The Waves of Grace for youth in 6th grade and above and for Kids in grades 1 through 5 a new group The Lego Club will meet for the first time this week.
The Lego Club Kids will explore their creative side, build together, and enjoy the interaction Lego's construction can  offer and they will have fun. Maybe we should start an adult Lego Club. This writer would be the first member. Both groups meet at Wednesday's at 5:45 PM.
The Waves of Grace at our Youth Activity Center (YAC) and the Lego Club at our Scout Hut located just behind the YAC. All are invited to our Wednesday at the Well service that starts at 7:00PM. The service is mid-week  break from the frenzy of our daily lives and provides a place to relax and reflect. A place to worship God and recharge our spiritual battery. As this column has stated before there are no strangers at St. Paul's. All are welcome and made to feel part of St. Paul's and our Community of Christ. You and your family are invited to join us. Sunday services at 8:30 and 11:00 and Sunday School both Adult and Children grades pre-K to 5.  For more information on all our activities visit our website www.stpaulscb .org on call the church office 910-458-5310.