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Worship News And Directory for December 11, 2013

First Baptist Church of Carolina Beach
“Joy of a Child" Christmas Concert held this past Sunday Helped Give Gifts to the Needy

This past Sunday, December 8th The First Baptist Church of Carolina Beach hosted their Annual "Joy of a Child" Christmas Concert. The benefit featured many favorite Christmas songs performed by local and regional artists. Attendees were asked to participate in a silent auction for an original painted canvas and grab a card off their request box that contained gift requests from local underprivileged children.
There is still time to participate by bringing Joy to a Child, stop by the church located at  409 North Lake Park Boulevard for details!

First Baptist Church of Carolina Beach Turns 75!

By Darlene Bright
Federal Point Historic Preservation Society Newsletter - Extracted from a manuscript by Mrs. Frances Ray and Mrs. Blanche Tucker, titled, "Our Church History 60th Anniversary November 22, 1998".
Present day Carolina Beach Baptist Church got its beginning on November 20, 1938. Baptist members of an interdenominational Sunday School building, which was built a few years before on Fourth and Cape Fear Blvd., decided it was time to build their own church. Other denominations began to splinter off as the area was growing and the population increasing.
Members continued to meet in the Sunday School building during the organizational period. With sponsorship by the Wilmington Baptist Association, a special service was held on November 20, 1938, where a Council of Ordained Elders was elected with Dr. A. J. Barton as Chairman. With leaders of nearby Baptist churches present, Rev. Dr. Barton led the congregation in singing, "Holy, Holy, Holy" and prayed for guidance of the Holy Spirit and suggested, "the congregation should be movitated by love, tender mercy, and desire to spread the Kingdom of God on earth."
At the end of the service, twenty persons stood and became charter members of the Carolina Beach Baptist Church. Committees were formed to make the new church happen. Progress was slow until 1942 when the influx of military personnel and defense workers made the erection of a building for worship imperative.
On April 25, 1942, eighteen charter members of a Woman's Missionary Society was organized with Mrs. Estelle Robinson elected as President. These women got the ball rolling by contributing liberally of their time and money. They organized several christian youth auxiliaries and helped the NC Baptist Mission Board to recognize their need to gain their support.
During a frenzy of effort and fundraising, building lots on Lake Park Blvd. and Wilson Avenue were purchased and paid for by the State Mission Board at a cost of $7,250. "On Tuesday, January 25, 1944, ground was broken for the new edifice", with a seating capacity of 300. Mr. L. J. Jordan, local contractor and member of the church supervised the construction, completed and first occupied August 17, 1944.
Through the next 69 years, Carolina Beach Baptist Church grew in many respects. A new parsonage was added along with a huge educational building, always meeting the needs as they arose.
Through hard times, easy times, storms and sunny days, Carolina Beach Baptist Church has been held up by strong pillars and good christian people guided by dedicated pastors.
We should never forget Mrs. S. C. Ogburn, who opened her home around 1930 on Sundays for Sunday School and sparked the idea that became First Baptist Church of Carolina Beach.

“A Christmas hang Up” at Seaside Chapel December 14th

You are cordially invited to a Christmas Drama Musican on Saturday December 14th, 2013 at 7:00pm. The event will be held at Seaside Chapel located in the corner of Dow Road and Charlotte Avenue in Carolina Beach across from the Fire Department. The Drama Musical entitled “A Christmas hang Up” will be followed by a reception with finger foods and end with a visit from Santa Claus in the fellowship hall. 105 Dow Road (910)458-9283 • Carolina Beach, NC.

Anchormen in Concert at Seaside Chapel December 15th

Seaside Chapel located at 105 Dow Road in Carolina Beach will be holding a concert featuring “Anchormen” this Sunday, December 15th starting at 11:00am.
About Anchormen: Lead singer, Chip Pullen hails from the GREAT state of Alabama and is the son of a Baptist Minister. Audiences are mezmorized by his talent and the annointing that is so evident even in the first moments of meeting Chip. We are so excited that God led him to join us. He is truly one of the greatest lead singers to ever come around in Southern Gospel music! Baritone Terry Carter, is no stranger to southern gospel music. Being the original baritone and co-owner of the Anchormen, his unofficial title of "Mr. Anchorman" is well deserved. Starting in 1979, he sang with The Anchormen for 18 years, always bringing a level of class and solid ministry that was unmatched. Most people in gospel music will tell you that he is the best emcee in the business and we are not one to disagree. Audiences are captivated by his rich baritone voice and dynamic personality night after night. Tenor Karl Rice, from Charleston, SC, started singing with his dad at 10 years old. Other experience includes a Major in Vocal Performance at the School of the Arts in SC as well as traveling with regional groups before coming aboard with the ANCHORMEN. His amazing tenor voice, harmonica playing and emcee work brings audiences to their feet everywhere they perform. During his downtime, you can find him enjoying time with his family and playing around with acoustic instruments such as the guitar, dobro, and mandolin. Bass vocalist Chris Serlick comes to us from Goldsboro NC. He was an active officer in the airforce, serving our country for many years. He was heavily influenced by great bass singers such as J.D. Sumner, George Younce, Tim Riley, and Richard Sterban just to name a few. Audiences are captivated by Chris’ deep, rich voice every night. 105 Dow Road (910)458-9283 • Carolina Beach, NC.

Kure Memorial Lutheran Church: THE ADVENT WREATH

The Advent wreath displayed in our sanctuary each year (as well as in many other Christian churches) is filled with symbolism. It is traditionally a circle of evergreens (representing eternal life) with four candles spaced evenly around it.  The candles can be blue or purple.  Traditionally, the first candle is lit on the first Sunday of Advent and additional candles are lit on the three following Sundays. The first candle is known as the Prophet Candle (sometimes, the Hope Candle) and represents the Jews’ hope for a Messiah.
The second candle, the Bethlehem Candle (sometimes, the Peace Candle), recalls how Christ was humbly born in the small town of Bethlehem.
The third candle, the Shepherd Candle (sometimes, the Joy Candle), represents the joy of the shepherds upon learning of the birth of Jesus.  This candle is sometimes pink or rose-colored. The 4th candle, the Angel Candle, recalls the Angel Gabriel’s message to Mary that she would bear God’s child and also the angels who announced Christ’s birth.
Sometimes a fifth candle is added, traditionally in the middle of the wreath, which is white and is called the Christ Candle.  It is lit during the Christmas Eve service or on Christmas Day. 117 North 3rd Ave, (910)458-5266 • Kure Beach, NC 28449.

Join St. Paul's as they celebrate Christmas with their annual Christmas Cantata this Sunday the 15th of December at 11:00

From Pastor Shawn
One of the great things about having a child of your own is getting to watch all the kids’ Christmas shows, and my favorite of all time is “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”
I’ve probably seen it at least 30 times, but it never gets old.  With the jazz piano by Vince Guaraldi playing, Charlie Brown sets out to discover the real Christmas spirit. 
What he gets instead is his dog, Snoopy, preparing to find the meaning of Christmas by winning the neighborhood lights contest and his sister, Sally, saying in her letter to Santa, “Just make it easy on yourself, send 10's and 20's.”  After seeing her brother’s reaction, she replies, “All I want is my fair share.”
Finally, depressed because he just can’t understand Christmas, he consults Lucy at her infamous psychiatrist’s booth.  Even though he should be skeptical of someone who says what she really wants for Christmas is “real estate,” Charlie Brown takes her advice and takes on the task of directing the Christmas play. 
Of course, that doesn’t work out either. And after his miserable attempt at finding a Christmas tree finally puts him over the edge, he cries out, “Can’t anyone tell me what Christmas is all about?” And that’s when Linus does just that, in the oft-repeated scene where he quotes the nativity story from Luke 2.
Even then, it takes something else for it all to sink in. After hearing those words, Charlie Brown is inspired to take that pitiful tree and wander out into the night.
With the words of scripture ringing in his ears and the stars twinkling above his head, Charlie Brown finally gets it… and that is where the rest of us should learn something, too. Charlie Brown found the true spirit of Christmas when he wandered away from the lights and noise and the hustle and bustle.
In the weeks of Advent, leading up to Christmas, we often read the words of John the Baptist, the wild and wooly prophet who came as a forerunner to Jesus. Luke 3:4 says about him:
“This is just as it was written in the scroll of the words of Isaiah the prophet, A voice crying out in the wilderness: “Prepare the way for the Lord; make his paths straight….’”
What we often miss out on, though, is a little detail from verse 2: “God's word came to John son of Zechariah in the wilderness.” You see, the word of God is funny that way.  People can seek status and success the way the world defines it, but God doesn’t really care.  Someone can be wealthy or politically important, like the Emperor and his underlings, but God is not impressed.  Consistently throughout the Bible, God’s word comes NOT to those who seek to make themselves important, who have important titles and live in important places, but to those who wander in the wilderness. 
There is something special about being in the wilderness that attracts the voice of God.  It is in the wilderness, when life is at its most barren, that we are most open to hearing the word of God.
Join Us at St. Paul's as we celebrate Christmas with our annual Christmas Cantata this Sunday the 15th of December at 1100. 300 Harper Avenue • Carolina Beach, NC.