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Apodaca Statement on House Proposal to Alter UNC Health Care

The House Select Committee on State-Owned Assets today reviewed a proposal that would significantly alter the structure and governance of UNC Health Care.  The bill would require UNC Health Care to receive legislative approval for basic business transactions, increase government bureaucracy, force quotas for uncompensated care and drastically alter the core mission of the system.  Below is a statement from Sen. Tom Apodaca  (R-Henderson), chairman of the Senate Rules Committee: “One of the biggest challenges facing North Carolina’s health care industry is the uncertainty in the market created by Obamacare.  I am concerned that additional government intrusion into the state health care market will create even more uncertainty, making it more difficult for health care providers to treat patients, search for cures, and train doctors. “If this bill comes over to the Senate, I will move it to the Rules Committee where it will receive the same careful consideration as some of the other fine ideas we’ve received from the House like ‘The Bed Bug Bill.’” Apodaca said he looks forward to hearing Gov. Bev Perdue’s position on this issue.