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Bozart Family Dentistry Tip of the Week: Got Receding Gums? Find out why

So what exactly are receding gums? Having receding gums is the process of which your gum line pulls back, or away from the tooth. Thus exposing much more of your tooth than should be exposed otherwise.
This is usually one of the first signs of gum disease, a process of gum degeneration around the teeth that can eventually lead to tooth loss. Not to mention a less than stellar smile. If you've noticed that your gums seem to be losing ground and more of your teeth are being exposed, then you should visit your dentist as soon as possible! Time is of the essence because gum recession is one of those things that can't be reversed. So if you do think you have receding gums, the sooner that the excess plaque and tarter that are causing this can be cleaned and kept off, the better!
So why do gums recede in the first place? Well, there are four main reasons and causes:
1. Periodontal Disease - Other wise known as gum disease. As mentioned before, receding gums are usually the first signs of the progression of periodontal disease.
2.    Genetics - Some people are just more pre-disposed to gum disease than others based on genes, regardless of how well they may care for their teeth. This doesn't mean that gum disease can't still be prevented for these pre-disposed people. Just that they may need to work harder at it than most.
3.    Poor or Inconsistent Dental Care - When you've gone a while in-between dental visits, if you don't floss, or if you maybe just have overall less than perfect dental hygiene habits like most people out there; plaque will begin to build up on and in-between your teeth. After a while, this plaque turns into a very hard substance called tarter which only a dentist can remove. If this tarter is left on your teeth long enough, receding gums and the early onset of gum disease will be the result.
4.    Brushing too hard - If you brush your teeth too hard, or in the wrong way then that can cause your tooth enamel to start getting worn away. Once your enamel begins wearing down, your gums will be next.
A few other contributing factors may be:
• Crooked or Misaligned Teeth
• Hormonal Changes
• Use of Tobacco Products
• Teeth Grinding
• Lip or Tongue Piercings
If you notice that your gums are beginning to recede and you are pre-disposed to any of these risk factors that you are in control of, then either stop or at east try to minimize them as much as possible. Receding gums can't be reversed, but they can be stopped in their tracks rather quickly and permanently with the right short term and long term care.
Think that you may have receding gums? Contact us at 910-392-9101 and stop gum disease in its tracks today!
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