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Bozart Family Dentistry Tip of the Week: 5 Everyday Teeth Saving Tips that you can Apply Today!

Sometimes the idea of doing a complete overhaul on our daily oral health habits can seem like a mountain to climb in front of you. I mean, going from never flossing to flossing everyday is a big difference in habit, and may take some time to transition into. Sometimes trying to change direction on a long term habit can be more easily accomplished if you take a more gradualist approach to it. After all, you didn't build your habits in an instant and you probably won't change them that way either.
Take these 5 simple everyday tips to heart and watch your oral health appreciate:
1.    Try to avoid sipping soda, coffee, or any other sugary or acidic drink all day. But of you do, sip it through a straw.. This will effectively allow the beverage to bypass your teeth saving them from the corrosive elements that would otherwise slowly erode away your tooth enamel.
2.    Ok. So flossing everyday may seem a bit daunting. Why not try starting out at every third day? Even only flossing every 3 days versus none at all will DRAMATICALLY change quality of your oral health, as well as will make your bi-annual cleanings go that much smoother.
3.    Stop using your teeth as a utility knife! Your teeth are not a substitute for a swiss army knife.. If you use your teeth to open bottles, etc.. Eventually one's going to break off. So just invest $1 in a bottle opener instead.
4.    Start using ACT mouthwash before bed. Right after you brush at night, go ahead and rinse your mouth out with ACT. Now this is different than Listerine and other similar mouthwashes. ACT is a fluoride based mouthwash that will help to restore your tooth enamel while you sleep. This simple addition to your daily routine will pay huge dividends for your oral health down the road!
5.    And lastly, drink tons of water! Especially if you sip on sugary or acidic drinks all day like coffee, tea, or soda. Drinking some water and even swishing it around your mouth after your done one of these beverages, or even after eating a meal can really help to give your teeth a rough, but quick cleansing. Obviously, brushing after every meal is the best way to go but if that's too much fior you to add into your daily routine at this point, then drinking plenty of water is much better than not doing anything at all..
Just take these 5 simple daily tips to heart and watch your oral health from 211 to 212 degrees this year! I promise that your pocketbook and your dentist will thank you..
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