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Bozart Family Dentistry Tip of the Week: 5 Tips to Make Brushing Fun

We all love our kids and they come with so much joy, but trying to get them into good dental hygiene habits such as brushing and flossing after every meal, or even just daily, can become quite the frustrating chore at times. Up to the ages of 6-12, you should be supervising your children's brushing and flossing at least twice daily. However, sometime after age six you are then faced with the difficult task of trying to get your kids to brush and floss on their own.
So what can you do to make this process easier on both them and you? Well, there are quite a few options, but the reality is that kids won't do anything unless it's fun. So how exactly do you go about making such a seemingly mundane task seem like fun for your children?
Making Brushing Fun for Kids! Let's face it, unless something is considered to be "fun to do" by your kids, they probably won't be very motivated to do it. After all, kids primary motivation for almost anything they do at that age is fun. So try these tips to help make brushing and flossing as much fun as possible for your children.
1. Get your kids a fun electric toothbrush that is also of good quality - Make sure to do your research online before buying though, as not all toothbrushes, especially electric ones are created equally. Maybe getting a brush that is their favorite cartoon character or one that lights up would add that little extra to get your kid's interested.
2. Make brushing into a contest - Ask your dentist for disclosing solution, or visit your local pharmacy. This solution or tablet will show you exactly how effective a job was done in brushing their teeth. Make a game out of this every now and then and give them a small reward for doing a great job. This will hold your children accountable when brushing as well as make it fun for them!
3. Make brushing into a reward system - Whether it's a little reward everyday, or one every week, create some sort of incentive for your kids to brush and floss like they should. Maybe it's a TV show or movie that they can watch, a delicious treat, or whatever else that they may like.
4. Have them brush to their favorite song - This can be fun for them as well as serve as a great timer for them brushing since most songs will be at least 2 minutes.
5. Brush together - Take advantage of this time frame when your kids can't seem to get enough of you and brush your teeth with them. This will be fun for them as well as give you the ability to supervise their brushing without it feeling that way to them.
In recent years, children's cavities have been on the increase. This is a direct by product of bad or inconsistent daily dental hygiene for children in general. So how do you make sure your kids don't end up falling into this negative trend? Make brushing and flossing fun for them by utilizing some of these simple but effective tips. If you can make it fun, they will do it!
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