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Bozart Family Dentistry Tip of the Week: Finding the Best Pediatric Dentist for your Family

Until you had children, you might not have even known there was such a thing as Pediatric Dentistry.  You might even think that a Pediatric Dentist is just a regularly trained dentist that loves kids and chooses to limit his or her practice to children and adolescents.  Actually, Pediatric Dentistry is a true specialty and it requires rigorous training. Pediatric Dentists complete their four-year Dental school curriculum and then continue on for another two to three years for additional training in the specialty field of pediatrics.
Your child is going to have a lifelong relationship with a dentist to keep his/her teeth healthy.  Choosing the right Pediatric Dentist is key to forming a positive mindset for future visits.  Here are five things we recommend you look for when choosing the right Pediatric Dentist for your family:
• Is he/she board certified/licensed? This is very important.  You want to make sure that your dentist is truly qualified to be working on your children's teeth.  Most states provide a webpage you can use to verify your dentist's license as well.  It will tell you where the dentist attended school and the graduation date, how long he/she has held the license, any disciplinary actions that have been recorded, whether or not they have a permit for sedation or to use general anesthesia, and if they are board certified for any specialties.
• Visit their office.  Is it inviting? Is it obvious by the front desk staff and the waiting room decor, toys/games, reading material, cleanliness, etc., that they truly care about children?  Keep an eye out for awards and training certifications.  The American Dental Association as well as other dental organizations, will give certificates and honors to outstanding dentists.
• Talk to the staff.  If the staff is available, start chatting them up.  Explain you are looking at Pediatric Dentists in the area. How do they like Dr. Y? You will be able to tell quite a bit about the dentist by how the staff responds to your questions.  You might even ask available parents in the waiting room about how they - and their - children like the dentist.
• Check the dentist's ratings. Type a potential dentist's name into a search engine and look for sites that have parent ratings.  You can find out a tremendous amount of information from the comments and insight of other parents. Obviously your family and friends will have honest insight as well but if you are new to an area, you might not have those personal resources just yet.
•    Am I allowed to remain with my child? A good pediatric dentist should always let you come back with your child for visits.  It is a good idea the first time to reassure your child and to see how the dentist interacts with him/her.  Do keep in mind that your presence can also disrupt your child's relationship with the dentist so once you feel at ease, enjoy the opportunity to relax in the waiting room and enjoy some time to yourself.
Remember that most pediatric dentists are warm, caring, professionals who love children and are proud to be serving you and your family.  When it comes time to find the perfect dentist for your children, doing a little research will help to put your mind at ease. The right choice will make your bi-annual dentist visits something that you and your children can smile about.(910) 392-9101 - bozart