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Bozart Family Dentistry Tip of the Week: Nutrition Tips for your Child's Teeth

When it comes to our teeth and especially our children's teeth, it can take more than just brushing in order to maintain good oral health. Much like with our overall health, what we take in to our bodies is vital to the end product that is produced. If we continuously put bad food into our system then our overall and oral health will most definitely reflect that. While at the same time, if we are feeding our body's good stuff then it will produce a positive health effect. So let's delve into what some of the better and worse foods are for your children's teeth and also your teeth for that matter.
Good Foods and Bad Foods:
• Eat your Fruits and Vegetables - But not all fruits and vegetables are created the same. Try to focus on fruits and vegetables that have a high amount of water in them like melons, pears, celery and cucumbers to name a few; and steer more clear of items that may have a high concentrate of sugar such as bananas or raisins.
• Eat Cheese - Cheese can also make for a great snack for your children and their teeth. It has minimal to no sugar and also helps to produce saliva in the mouth which is your first defense against cavities and plaque forming on your teeth.
• Avoid These - Obviously you want to avoid all sugary foods, but especially those that tend to linger on the teeth such as: hard candy, lollipops, cough drops and even mints. Also try to avoid sticky treats such as: caramel, tootsie rolls, rice crispy treats, etc. Basically, try to cut out anything sugary that takes a long time to finish or that sticks to your teeth. Now, if and when your child does need to indulge themselves with a sweet treat every now and then just make sure that they brush their teeth immediately afterwards.
Other Tips:
• Buy foods that are sugar free or un-sweetened. Try to stay away from granulated sugar above all else.
• Steer your kids clear of sodas and other sweet drinks. This can be a terrible habit that can follow them for a lifetime producing a much higher risk of not just cavities and gum disease, but overall negative health effects as well. Like a river carves a canyon over years and years you will also see sugar eat away at their teeth and carve it's own type of canyon over time. Not to also mention the negative health effects that soda can bring in increasing the risk of diabetes and obesity greatly.
• Serve sugary treats with meals instead of as snacks. At least this way other foods and drinks are also in the mix helping to produce saliva which will help to minimize the length of time the sugar may stay on your kid's teeth.
• Include good sources of calcium in your child's diet which will help to build strong teeth. Some good sources are: milk, broccoli, and yogurt.
• Have your child drink more tap water. This is good for two reasons. 1. If they are drinking water then they aren't drinking soda or other sweet drinks, and 2. Tap water has trace amounts of fluoride in it which helps to build and maintain healthy tooth enamel.
• Brush your child's teeth after giving them any medicines that may coat the teeth in sugar and acids such as cough syrup.
• Take your child to the pediatric dentist regularly starting at the age of 1 or within 6 months of their first tooth breaking through.

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