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Bozart Family Dentistry Tip of the Week: The Warning Signs of TMJ

TMJ or TMD (as it's also known) stands for Temporomandibular disorders. These are a set of problems that end up causing pain and poor functioning of your jaw. This disorder can vary from a mild nuisance to severely altering your quality of life, making it much more difficult to do simple tasks like eating and talking that we usually take for granted. Now that we know what TMJ is, let's look into some of the warning signs of TMJ.
The warnings signs of TMJ may include:
• Pain in the jaw, neck or face
• Pain in the chewing muscles or joints of jaw
• A jaw that locks or is limited in movement
• Stiff jaw muscles
• Painful popping, clicking, or grating of the jaw joint
• Changes in fit between the upper and lower teeth
If you are experiencing these symptoms, especially if more than one of them, then you may be one of the nearly 10 million Americans who have TMJ. So what to do now?
Treatment for TMJ
If you feel that you may have TMJ then the first medical professional that you will want to consult with is your dentist. Generally, most TMJ disorders can be treated using non-surgical options such as utilizing a bite splint, physical therapy or drug therapy. Only after all non-surgical options have been exhausted will you be considered for oral surgery, and even then, you will most likely need at least 3 months of non-surgical treatment in order to prep for the surgical procedure.
 So if you have these symptoms of TMJ, don't pretend like they are going to just magically go away. Contact your dentist today and get started on the road to recovery before the issue potentially worsens causing you even more pain in your jaw, and wallet down the road.

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