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Spring Is Time to Put Your BrightSide Forward

Staff Writer

It’s pretty clear that spring has arrived in the area. And spring is a great time for homeowners and businesses to assess the effects of our unique coastal climate on their property. BrightSide Pressure Washing can help you assess the damage and fix you right up with their soft wash services, perfect for removing mold, mildew, grime, pollen and rust without jeopardizing the finish of you home, business or structure.
“Our soft wash service is a non-abrasive process that will safely remove all the dirt and grime without chipping the paint, wood, brick or stucco,” explains owner Dane Waggett, “as using a really high pressure removal process can do. It’s gentle on the surface, but gets rid all that stuff built up on the outside that can cause damage and dull your exterior’s appearance.” BrightSide Pressure Washing cleans homes, buildings, driveways, walkways, docks, boats, gazebos and more. Waggett went on to explain the benefits of pressure washing. Here in the coastal areas, our homes and businesses are subjected to the damaging salt spray from the ocean, which can cause our outdoor surfaces to corrode and fade. With our high humidity, we also have higher incidences of mold and mildew, which can also degenerate surfaces.
Areas most prone to mold and mildew, which could use a regular pressure washing, are shaded areas, areas facing toward the north, as well as under decks and soffits, and the fascia areas of roofs.  Power washing will also remove streaks, rust and tree stains on stucco, concrete, roofs and decks. Cleaning all your outside surfaces will help preserve the finish of your structure, making it last longer, letting the natural beauty of your home shine through. In addition, pressure washing can help remove debris and other gunk that builds up in your gutters, blocking the flow of water away from your home. Some homeowners are unaware of how using water from the hose can cause the buildup of residue or rust, which dulls the surfaces due to hard water stains. BrightSides Pressure Washing can even help you battle your hard water stains.
BrightSide Pressure Washing is fully licensed and insured. They recommend homeowners assess the need to power wash their outside surfaces at least annually, if not semi-annually, depending on how much exposure to surface pollutants your home has. They give free quotes and strive to deliver 100% satisfaction to their customers, while exceeding all their expectations. For a free-estimate, contact BrightSide Power Wash at (910) 386-8668.