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Upstage Beauty Inc.

Upstage Beauty Inc. is located at 4018 Oleander Office Park and can be reached at (910)805-0877.

Upstage Beauty Inc. is a fantastic company that completely; treats, corrects, and renews their skin care clients, leaving them feeling better about their skin care needs. Ashley Coptsias, opened Upstage Beauty Inc., three years ago to the date of signing her new lease at 4018 Oleander Office Park.  Ashley is a dedicated, knowledgeable, trained professional in her field of Esthetics. After seven years of being an esthetician, Ashley Coptsias has now gratefully branched out into her own skin care treatment center. Ashley applies her seven years of skin care knowledge diligently with each client. Upstage Beauty Inc. provides a variety of services, for women only, from eyebrow waxing to Enzyme and Glycolic Skin Resurfacing Treatments. Also known as chemical peels! Upstage Beauty Inc. uses a wax free, sugar free, Soya based hair removal system that is seventy-five percent less painful than regular waxing; it adheres to the hair follicle itself verses regular wax adhering to the skin and the hair leaving behind; red inflamed skin.
Upstage Beauty Inc. also carries the professional product line of Dermalogica, which is an affordable, treat and correct skin care line. Ashley teaches her clients with a vas amount of product knowledge so they actually know what in the product that is working to aid their skin to a better health leaving the skin looking more polished and renewed. Upstage Beauty Inc. also carries Norvell Spray Tan. Which leaves each client with a guilt-free sun kissed look without the harsh sun damage. Ashley runs a variety of specials each month along with a fantastic referral program. Every month she features a certain service for a discounted price, along with hosting a “happy hour”, which is once a month on a particular date that all services are received at a unbeatable price along with retail sales!
Nothing beats chatting with a couple close ladies friends over some services that enhance your natural beauty.  So ladies checkout Upstage Beauty’s website; Upstage and see the full menu of services and updated specials that are featured this month. Upstage Beauty Inc. also has a free phone application that makes it even easier to stay tuned into Upstage Beauty’s world of beauty specials. It’s as simple as going to the website and scan the URL barcode into your smart code and instantly the application appears!
Let Upstage Beauty Inc. be your personal trainer for your skin today and call them at 910-805-0877 and start your trip to becoming the bet you can be!