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The Veggie Wagon

Produce • Bakery • Seafood • Meats • Cheeses

The Veggie Wagon is located at 608 S. Lake Park Boulevard in Carolina Beach just south of the Lake. They can be reached by calling (910)805-3014.

By: Jasmine K. McKee
Staff Writer

Nothing makes a cookout or any meal for that matter better than using the best and freshest local ingredients.
To attain culinary perfection at your next meal you must pay a visit to the Veggie Wagon located just south of the Lake in Carolina Beach.  Born from a desire to see fresh local produce from local farms made available to the public the Veggie Wagon is a hit with locals and visitors who love to get and serve their family and friends the best. 
“Local produce has gained popularity over the last few years and trying to consume it when it is season, is not a new concept. Many years ago this was the only way to eat; locally available foods were it! Over time this has drastically changed and produce is now picked green and transported many many miles.
Our goal is to provide a diverse selection of fresh, healthy and unbelievably tasty local North Carolina fruits, veggies, and additional homemade products, while at the same time supporting local farming families. Since we are purchasing North Carolina products, we do not have to travel very far to provide you with our items, so your family will have fruits and veggies ripened naturally by Mother Nature rather than chemicals.”
Those who want to exclusively shop at the Veggie Wagon will be happy to know that they are no longer just your best source for produce as they also offer a variety of fresh all natural meats like pork, chicken and beef, as well as cheeses, Boar’s Head brand Meats and Cheeses, fresh breads, and even cookies.  Their beef selection is all from antibiotic and hormone free cows from Raleigh. 
You will also find an assortment of jams and jellies, coffees, sauces, seasonings and so much more.  New to the Veggie Wagon as of last week is their expansion of the store in Carolina Beach which features a variety of great finds. 
At the Veggie Wagon you can now “Make your own Trail Mix” which is a fun activity for kids and adults. 
They are also now offering bulk Old Fashioned candy available by the pound and they are also carrying local Luna Pops.  The Veggie Wagon is located just south of the Lake in Carolina Beach at 608 S. Lake Park Boulevard.
 They are open every day of the week.  If you would like to find out more please give them a call at (910) 805-3014.  You can also find an abundance of great information, recipes and place orders on their website at 
Remember to check their ad each week in this newspaper for fun and delicious recipe ideas and the latest updates about the Veggie Wagon. 
“Stop on By” the Veggie Wagon in Carolina Beach and treat yourself and your family to the best food in town!