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Carolina Jeep Rentals

“Stop turning around at the Freeman Park gate and rent a Jeep”

Carolina Jeep Rentals in Carolina Beach located at 915 B North Lake Park Boulevard.  They are always open and offer 24/7 customer assistance call  (910) 494-6734.

It’s no secret that one of the major attractions of Pleasure Island is the ability to drive a 4x4 on the beaches.  With two large areas that permit 4x4 vehicles to cruise along the sand between the dune line and the ocean for miles up and down the Atlantic, Pleasure Island is a haven for beachgoers who love to drive on the beach!  Whether it’s for a camping trip, fishing trip, surfing trip or just to find your own spot on the beach away from the roads and parking meters Carolina Jeep Rentals is offering everyone the opportunity to enjoy driving on the beach and around the Island in a fun and exhilarating vehicle. We see it all the time, every year people try to take their non 4x4 trucks and cars on the beach only to end up having to be towed out at a huge expense.“If driving on the beach ain’t your thing, there’s nothing like exploring the local Wilmington attractions in an awesome looking Jeep with the doors off and the top down!”  Owners and operators of Carolina Jeep Rentals, Joey and Lauren Conn are happy to share their love for Jeeps with all of their customers and introduce them to the world of 4x4 driving. Carolina Jeep Rentals offers jeeps for rent anywhere from 2 hours to 5 days.  Grab one for a quick trip to the beach on a beautiful afternoon or get one for the week and have time to take it all in.  They are not only great for visitors to the Island but Pleasure Islanders themselves who may not own a 4x4 vehicle can rent one and join their friends out on the beach!  Bypass the need to go out and buy a yearlong pass or a 4x4 of your own for that matter. 
Carolina Jeep Rentals has you covered.  Let them provide the vehicle while you enjoy the drive! Get into your very own Jeep today by stopping by Carolina Jeep Rentals in Carolina Beach located at 915 B North Lake Park Boulevard.  They are always open and offer 24/7 customer assistance.  They are open year round so no matter which season you make it to Pleasure Island you can always get a Jeep to drive on the beach!  You can make reservations in advance or find out more about Carolina Jeep Rentals by giving them a call at (910) 494-6734.  You can also access more information on their website at  They also offer a mobile site to view from your phone.  On their site you will find information on rates as well as photos of the Jeeps currently in their fleet.  Find them on Facebook and receive constant updates on everything happening at Carolina Jeep Rentals.  No 4x4 experience is required but there are just a few things to remember if you are planning on renting a Jeep:
You must be 25 years of age or older, you must have full coverage auto insurance and you will need proof of insurance as well as your driver’s license when you check in.