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The Shoppes at Squigley’s is located at 208 S. Lake Park Boulevard.

July is National Ice Cream Month but at Squigley’s ®, everyday is Ice Cream Day!  They make over 4,000 real ice cream flavors every day plus their 24 dairy-made hard ice cream flavors.
Squigley’s also makes their thick milkshakes, big sundae’s, single to triple dip cones and huge banana splits the way they were make when your Mom & Dad were kids, not sold by weight but by quality.  You’ll love their hand-made waffle cones rolled in front of your eyes.  Each one contains a natural ingredient from the meticulously cured fruit of a tropical Madagascar orchid.  The aroma wafting through the ice cream parlor is so powerful that customers coming for the first time are captivated. 
Squigley’s look at things differently because they're not just an ice cream parlor but your personal flavor development partner.  Here you only get Real Ice Cream in more flavors than any other dessert retailer. There has been a lot of press on the third resurgence of frozen yogurt after dying several times since the 1970’s.
Frozen yogurt’s resurgence began in 2007 when a Korean company called Red Mango opened in CA.  Gelato has tried to sustain itself also, being invented in the 1500’s.  Real ice cream, from cows, has been around since Medieval times and enjoys well over 80% of the frozen dessert demand in the USA; because it’s an inexpensive indulgence that has less fat and carbohydrates than French fries or cheeseburgers or pizza. Squigley’s also provides great customer service and jobs for local high-school and college students.  Self-service soft serve shops have fewer employees and low labor costs, like gas stations where you do all the work, but at Squigley’s you learn the names of your personal server, like you did when gas station attendants pumped your gas, cleaned your windows, and checked your oil. At Squigley’s, you are waited on with the customized and pampered service you deserve. This service is not new for Ann and Joe, owners of Squigley’s.  Joe left Corporate America after 25 years with a division of Unilever, owners of Ben & Jerry’s®, to work for a Westport, Ct. consulting company.  His first contract was to reorganize Popsicle®, now also owned by Unilever.  After starting the one and only Squigley’s 18 years ago, the Coen’s know the ice cream business.
In addition, Squigley’s Gift Gallery, above the ice cream parlor, and Squigley’s Handbag and Sunglass Shack, behind the “big store”, offer hundred’s of gift, resort, décor and jewelry items.  The “Shack” alone has over 1,000 pairs of sunglasses priced one for $10.00, two for $18.00, and three for $26.00 each with a free case.  In addition, there are over 300 fashionable handbags at $20-50.00 plus much more.  These items are not your drug store variety. They're over the top.
Squigley’s Gift Gallery jewelry collection is a highlight with their customers because it’s so extensive.  Over 1,000 pieces of individually selected , many one-of-a-kind jewelry made by USA crafter's, manufacturers and many pieces from foreign democratic countries, avoiding China, are featured.  Sterling silver set Larimar bought directly, not through a wholesaler, leads this rare selection.  Fashion or travel jewelry, purchased by women who want to accessorize their everyday or occasion clothing, is on the rise.  At Squigley’s, their jewelry looks as good up close as it does from far away.  Ann and Joe thank you in advance for visiting The Shoppes at Squigley’s and wish you a great, rewarding and safe vacation season.