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The Vape Hut “The Alternative to Smoking When You Just Can’t Quit”

The Vape Hut is located at 4904 Carolina Beach Road unit D in Wilmington. 

By: Allen Denning
Staff Writer

The Vape Hut Electronic Cigarette Store in Wilmington is offering everyone with an alternative to their cigarette habit with the popular E-Cigs.  Originally conceived as an online store the Vape Hut has now established a physical store front near Monkey Junction making it even easier than ever to get all of your E-cig products in one stop.  E-Cigs are all the craze these days as cigarette smokers are happy to find a way to satisfy their craving with an odorless alternative to tobacco smoke. 
These “E-Cigs” are able to give the user a desired amount of nicotine to ease your craving.  “It is a two or three piece electronic vaporizing device that allows the smoker to experience the sensation of smoking while avoiding the harsh chemicals and carcinogens contained in a tobacco cigarette.  The pieces consist of : (1) a battery, which powers the unit, (2) an atomizer, the heating unit that vaporizes a flavored liquid that may or may not contain nicotine, and (3) a cartridge, which contains the liquid. In some models, the cartridge and atomizer are contained in one piece, which makes it a two piece unit.” Switching from traditional tobacco cigarettes to “E-Cigs” means that you can smoke almost anywhere even in many restaurants and bars.  Your clothes, vehicle and home will no longer reek of smoke and best of all liquid used in the “E-Cigs” from the Vape Hut are reasonably priced comparable to and even lower than tobacco cigarettes.  Many people have already heard of “E-Cigs” but are reluctant to try because they either don’t believe it will give the same satisfaction as a traditional cigarette or they simply don’t know enough about them to make an informed decision on which one to try.  The truth is that “E-Cigs” do in fact give the user a satisfying experience that is very similar to tobacco cigarettes. “The most obvious similarity is that you have to "drag" the electronic cigarette in order to inhale nicotine. There is a slight difference in the "drag", however. A typical drag on a traditional cigarette is usually short. The most productive drag on an electronic cigarette will be a little longer.  The throat hit can vary with different models and brands of electronic cigarettes, and throat hit is important when determining how similar the two smoking methods are. Electronic cigarette models sold at Vape Hut are known for exceptional throat hit and performance, better than many models that are more expensive.
Just like smoking a regular cigarette, you determine how much nicotine you receive from the device when you choose the strength of your E-liquid. You can also choose flavors that closely resemble the cigarette you already smoke.  Smoking an electronic cigarette is very different, but in good ways. An electronic cigarette DOES NOT contain the thousands of chemicals contained in a traditional cigarette, many of them carcinogenic. It does not have to be lit, so the tip does not burn.  There are no ashes to flick (which takes some getting used to). The second-hand "vapor" from an electronic cigarette is not going to aggravate your neighbor.  The cost is very different when you switch from the traditional cigarette to the electronic cigarette, but that varies according to which model you choose. Some electronic cigarette models require that you buy pre-filled cartridges that can be costly. In this situation, you may save a little money but not a lot, especially when you consider that each cartridge is equivalent to 5-7 analog cigarettes versus the 1-2 packs they will tell you. Electronic cigarettes sold at Vape Hut allow you to use E-liquid to refill your cartridge, and this feature saves you tons of money. A pack a day smoker spends about $60 per week on cigarettes; that same smoker can smoke our e-cigs for approximately $15 per week.”  There are many great reasons to switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to “E-Cigs.”  Although they are not actually aimed at “smoking cessation,” the “E-Cigs” are “intended for use as a smoking substitute or a smoking alternative. When you use an electronic cigarette from Vape Hut, you can decrease your nicotine intake a little at a time by decreasing the strength of the E-liquid you use. Many of our customers that started on 24mg. are now buying 6 and 0 mg., and have found the electronic cigarette to be a satisfying alternative to tobacco cigarettes.” The Vape Hut is all about customer service, satisfaction, and knowledge. 
The Vape Hut offers their customers with a wide variety of “E-Cig” and “E-Liquid” options.  The Vape Hut only sales the utmost highest quality “E-Cigs” on the market and offers a massive selection of around 60 different flavored liquids to produce flavors which range from sweet and fruity to some that taste like major cigarette brands.  They have done a lot of product testing to determine the best based on several factors including battery life, ease of use, and overall quality.  They carry and have access to all of the “Joye” brand of “E-Cig” products.  Being “E-Cigarette” users (aka “Vapers”) themselves, the owners, operators and employees of the Vape Hut know exactly what the transition from smoking cigarettes to using “E-cigs” is like.  They are incredibly helpful to novice “Vapers” and stress that proper use and knowledge of how to use your “E-Cig” is the key to successfully “Kick the Butt.”  Because of this, the Vape Hut is committed to taking the time to make sure every new customer is taught how to properly use an “E-cig.”  They will let you sample the different flavors they have available and will answer any questions you may have.  If you are interested in letting the Vape Hut help you “Kick the Butt” then you should go in and take a look at their starter kits. 
The starter kits come complete with 2 “E-Cigs,” a charger, 5 refillable cartridges and a bottle of “E-Liquid.”   
The Vape Hut is currently running an awesome contest that gives their customers a chance to win a $50 gift certificate just for driving around Wilmington.  When you go to the Vape Hut ask them about the “Vape Hut Patrol” contest for your chance to be entered into this monthly drawing.  When you sign up you will get abumper sticker to put on your car.  Whenever the Vape Hut sees your vehicle with the sticker around Wilmington they will enter you into the monthly drawing.  Please stop by the Vape Hut today or give them a call if you would like more information about the “Vape Hut Patrol” monthly drawing. 
The Vape Hut is located at 4904 Carolina Beach Road unit D in Wilmington.  They are open on Mondays through Saturdays from 11:00 a.m. until  6:00 p.m.  They are closed on Sundays.  You can always visit them and order any of their items online at www.VapeHut.com.  The website contains a plethora of great information as well as access to ordering any of their products.  If you would like to find out more please visit the website or you can email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  You can reach them by phone at (910) 233-7814.  “Kick the Butt” with the Vape Hut!