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P.I. Animal Hospital Weekly Column: Microchipping your pet with Dr. Crow

Collars and identification tags for our pets alone are often not enough if our friends are lost. Contact information on tags can fade and collars can fall off while our pet is lost. However, microchips can be placed which make your contact information always available so you can be reunited with your beloved friend.
The microchip is the size of a rice grain, which is placed under the skin by your veterinarian, much like an injection, between the shoulder blades. Each microchip has its own individual serial number. This serial number is then entered into a large database attached with your pets' information, owner information, emergency contact information, and veterinarian information.
A small handheld scanner reads these microchips, which displays the lost pet's serial number. Most all animal shelters, humane societies, and veterinary practices have these scanners and routinely scan lost pets that are presented. The facility that has the lost pet then calls the microchip company with the pet's serial number. The microchip company then begins to notify the owner by the contact information listed.
With most microchips, you are also given a tag that can be placed on your pets' collar.
 This tag lists the microchip company's phone number as well as the pet's serial number. For people who find a lost pet, who wouldn't have a microchip scanner, they can call the microchip company and give the pet's serial number for the company to contact the owner. If this tag were to fall off, the pet would be ale3 to be united with his/her owner once they were taken to a facility that is able to scan the pet's microchip.
If you have any questions regarding microchipping, or to schedule placing a microchip for your pet, please call us at Pleasure Island Animal Hospital at 458-5800. Check out our facebook page or visit our website at