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Squigley’s End of Season Clearance will continue until Halloween

Stop by Squigley’s located at 208 S. Lake Park Boulevard in Carolina Beach to enjoy over 4050 different Ice Cream flavors and then enjoy the Shoppes at Squigleys.

The Shoppes at Squigley’s End of Season Clearance will continue 7 days a week until they close around Halloween and open again near Easter of 2013.  Buy Christmas early.
Everything in the Gift Gallery, above Squigley’s Ice Cream & Treats, and “in-the-back-yard” Shade Shack, is 20% off on an unlimited number of individual items as long as they are over the price of $12.00 each.  The only exclusions are the Tee-Shirts and items already priced at 50% off. The ice cream parlor continues to be open at 12 noon unless the servers cannot get to work until later because of high school or college class schedules.  In those cases, a large note will be on the door.  The upstairs gift shop will continue to open at noon due to the dedication of outstanding adult associates who finished their classes’ decades ago!  Note that the ice cream selection has increased well over the 4,050 flavors they've been serving even though the advertised number remains the same.
Ann and Joe, owners and founders of Squigley’s, wish to thank every local and visitor customer for their loyalty.  Next year will be the 19th year of serving delicious ice cream and thus employing local citizens.  Unemployment locally is around 9% but for teenagers it’s almost 24%.  Squigley’s diverse staff from 17 to 70 has enjoyed serving you and continues to do so.
Squigley’s Gift Gallery & Shade Shack was started in 2007 after its predecessor, the Sterling Craft Mall, enjoyed selling its selections from 142 artists and crafters since 1998.  The present shops continue to offer selections from local and state crafter's at the same price the crafts persons do, which means Squigley’s is making less money but still supporting artisans.  Most items are made by women, for women, and sold to women.
Squigley’s shuns items made in China but, in order to provide unique selections with amazing value-pricing has to order some from USA wholesalers who employ USA citizens.  However, everything is personally hand picked (no Internet purchases) by Ann and Joe.  This philosophy enables Squigley’s to offer 80% of its items made in the USA and 20% of its items brought into the USA employing USA people.  Globalization is like the weather: regardless of what you think about it, we all have to live with it. Ann and Joe put a unique twist on gift, jewelry, and children’s selections. 
They spend 5 months a year criss-crossing the US looking for unique items but also go to the Caribbean and South America.  They look for product based on the actual, versus perceived, value.  Squigley’s clients have always responded to a more subtle, beautifully crafted product that is well made and suitable in a budget-tight economy where value stands the test of time.