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Squigley’s Gift Gallery

There are only 90 days until Christmas but only about 32 days left to shop a Squigley's Gift Gallery and that includes ice cream! Squigley's Gift Gallery takes credit/debit cards and you can buy women's handbags or sunglasses/readers on charge cards also. On weekends, the gift shops hours are the same as the ice cream parlor while weekday hours are different for handbags.  Guess what though, everything, and they mean everything, priced at $12.00 or more is 20% off with no limit on the number of items you can buy. Squigley's has an assortment of gifts you won't find elsewhere because many items are on an exclusive agreement with Squigley's.
This includes jewelry items, Christmas ornaments, art on Kure and Carolina Beach, and much more. Don't wait until November to buy your gifts; not in an election year and not when there may be an International Longshoreman’s East coast and gulf workers Ports strike with the expiration of their contract on September 30th.  In addition, as happened in 2008, lots of stores will have cut back on buying due to, depending upon who wins, scheduled tax increases, more regulations and increasing debt with all its ramifications on retail stores. Once again, regardless of what you decide about shopping in September and October, thanks for the support locals have given to Squigley's over the last 18 years.  Pleasing customers has been their goal.  Since Ann, Joe, and Ann's parents started Squigley's, without bank or government loans, no retail experience, buying in a reported "bad location" across from where there were two dilapidated, unoccupied houses, gutting a closed donut shop, they have truly BUILT THIS BUSINESS.
Enduring half-a-dozen hurricanes, a blown off roof, deck and several floods, Ann and Joe are proud to have had the help of outstanding local teenagers and retired adults when they could afford hiring outside the family. Success has enabled them to advertise locally, live and work on the island and enjoy all the local restaurants while seldom going elsewhere on what can be had on the island. They continue to support local charities, non-profits and local stores because they've resisted expansion or franchising which would send money and focus elsewhere.  Locals supporting Squigley's is the only payback they respectfully request and they thank you for a great summer, wishing everyone to have a wonderful winter.