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The Scooter Shop: “Buy, Sell, Trade and Repair All Types of


Specializing in repairs and even sales, The Scooter Shop can be boasted as one of the best full service scooter and small engine repair shops in the Wilmington area.  Scooters are well known for their popularity as a fuel-efficient mode of transportation. For the month of December the Scooter Shop os running and “End of Year Service Special”,  this great deal includes spark plug replacement, oil change, clean air filter and complete bike/scooter inspection for $19.95 Even those who own cars and trucks can benefit by using a scooter to simply get around town, if even just for the ease of parking! 
The Scooter Shop offers new and used scooters for sale at great prices, and they even deal in trades and buy used scooters.  They always have a great selection of various makes and models and can have you scooting around town in no time!  You can find the perfect scooter to fit your own needs and style or even have them completely customize one just for you.  Scooters, while incredibly cost effective have also seen a surge in popularity because of some really cool new designs and customization options.  Many people have taken to having a stylish scooter as a fun recreational vehicle to ride along with friends. 
Eventually everything you own that has a motor will need repairs, maintenance work, and new parts, which is why if you ride a scooter the phone number to the Scooter Shop should always be saved in your phone.  (By the way the number is 910-313-2504) Ronnie has been working on scooters and other small engines for years and is known as one of the Wilmington area’s very best scooter mechanics.  People come from all over New Hanover County use The Scooter Shop because of the great reviews and tons of satisfied customers.  The full service shop is stocked with plenty of new parts so you can be back on the road quickly.  The Scooter Shop is not limited to just scooters, as they will also work on ATV’s, Motorcycles and more.  If you have a question about any other type of repair or want to inquire about work on another type of small engine just give them a call. 
The Scooter Shop is conveniently located between Pleasure Island and Monkey Junction at 100-C Heathcliff Rd, just south of Hallyburton Memorial Pkwy and just across from Cody’s Pub. They offer pick-up and delivery service if needed. If you would like to find out more information about the Scooter Shop please give them a call at (910) 313-2504.