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Kelly Medical and Herb Shop Inc.: “Your Good Health is Our Business”

Kelly Medical is located at 1204-F north Lake Park Boulevard in the Cross Bridge Commons Shopping Center in Carolina Beach.  To get more information about Kelly Medical you can give them a call at (910) 458-7799. 

By: Allen Denning
Staff Writer

School is back and so is the cold and flu season, which means it’s time to stop by Kelly Medical to get all of the nutritional supplements your child needs to have a happy and healthy school year.  Kelly Medical offers a great selection of immune system building supplements and vitamins to help your entire family to fight off the increased exposure to sicknesses that comes with each school year.  You want your child to have the best opportunities in school which is why you don’t want them missing class or be unable to pay attention because they caught a cold or other virus.  Take the proper preventative measures to ensure your children feel great all year and stay focused in class.
The summer of 2012 might be near its end but that doesn’t mean that the threat to your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays is gone.  As the temperatures cool down we are actually more likely to spend extended periods of time outside and thus expose ourselves to more time in the sun.  Kelly Medical has a ton of great skincare products to keep your safe and help repair any damage you may have incurred this summer!  Kelly Medical offers a selection of awesome natural sunscreens that keep your skin safe from the sun without using the harsh chemicals and additives found in others which have come under scrutiny.   .  “Your skin is the largest organ on your body,” says Diane Kelly.  Your skin is permeable and whatever you put on it will eventually get into it.  Kelly Medical can set you up with effective sun prevention without the harsh additives that can cause damage.  If you have already been subject to a scorching from the sun, then you should check out all of Kelly Medicals all natural sunburn treatment options.  Everything from after sun lotions, oils, and even 99% Aloe Vera gel can be used to sooth the burn and help restore your damaged skin.  Kelly Medical is happy to bring our area such great names as Alba Botanicals, Derma E, Wounded Warrior and many others.  They even have their own special “Kelly’s Care” balm which they have developed.  Kelly’s Care is great for burns, cuts, muscle soreness, and pain.  Kelly’s Care is made with Aloe Vera to help with burns and wound healing, Arnica as an anti inflammatory, Calendula as an antibacterial agent, Vitamin E which is a great antioxidant for the skin, Lavender which is proven to be an effective burn treatment, and tea tree which is known to have antifungal and antibacterial qualities.  In addition to sun care products they also have plenty of herbal supplements, shave creams for guys, aluminum free deodorants, bath salts, oils and shower gels, herbal teas, allergy solutions and much much more.
In addition to their large selection of natural supplements and products Kelly Medical is also a leading provider of medical supplies and bathroom safety products like shower chairs, grab bars, raised toilet seats, blood pressure units, stethoscopes, wheelchairs, transport chairs, canes and walkers.  They even offer transport chair rentals for a great price to make getting around the island that much easier.  The transport chairs are extremely light weight and easily usable all around the island.  Come in to Kelly Medical and see what safety options you can add to your bathroom today.  The shower and bathtub can be one of the most dangerous places in the home, especially for those with limited mobility and strength.  They have recently installed a brand new display that shows how they can make your bath and shower safe.  By installing some of these wonderful products in your bathroom you can feel safe every time you step in the shower.  Kelly Medical can help you plan out the exact locations which you should put in grab bars and other bathroom safety features to accommodate your own individual needs.  They can even set you up with a trustworthy installation expert to make sure that everything is installed safely and correctly. 
 Kelly Medical is locally owned and operated by Jack and Diane Kelly.  Also at Kelly Medical you will find RN Carole Whipp, who does client assessments as well as billing.  The staff at Kelly Medical is proud to serve the Pleasure Island and surrounding communities with their many great nutritional and health products.  Kelly Medical is located at 1204-F north Lake Park Boulevard in the Cross Bridge Commons Shopping Center in Carolina Beach.  To get more information about Kelly Medical you can give them a call at (910) 458-7799.  You can also find an abundance of great information as well as the latest news and deals from Kelly Medical on their Facebook page.   Kelly Medical is open on Mondays through Fridays from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.  They are closed on Sundays.  They are able to accept both medicare and Medicaid as payment options for many of their products.  Kelly Medical offers to your door delivery in discreet packaging and they accept orders over the phone. 
If they do not have exactly what you are looking for in the store they can order it.  Trust Kelly Medical to supply all the herbs, vitamins, health, nutrition and medical supplies you need. “Kelly Medical Inc., has been serving southeastern North Carolina with quality medical supplies and equipment since 1994.  From durable medical equipment, incontinence products and nutritionals to wound care and diabetic products, Kelly Medical Inc., can help.”
Choose Kelly Medical for all of your needs.