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The Veggie Waggon to hold a “WINEDUCATION CLASS”

The Veggie Wagon’s “Wineducation Class” will be held Tuesday, January 15th, they are located at 608 South Lake Park Blvd. they can be reached at (910)805-3014.

Join the Staff of The Veggie Wagon and sommelier Shawn Underwood of Juice Wine Purveyors for a Special Wineducation class Tuesday, January 15. During this class we will taste 5 different styles of Cabernet Sauvignon from different regions of the world. Shawn will be focusing his discussion on the different effects that terroir (local elements) has on each wine.
You will be amazed how one grape can have so many different flavor profiles, depending on the climate and location where it was grown. Soil, weather, elevation and region all affect the final product, and this discussion will include wines from diverse appellations around the world.
“Only the French have one word that sums up all the attributes of a region, and that is terroir,” Underwood said. “Temperature, altitude, soil, coastal influence, rainfall…all the growing conditions of a region make up its terroir.”
Cabernet from Bordeaux, France and Mendoza, Argentina will be compared to wines from Washington and California regions in the U.S., including Columbia Valley and Napa Valley. “Terroir will affect acidity and sugar levels, which will contribute to the balance and alcohol level of the final product,” Underwood added. “The fermentation process, whether in steel or oak, will determine the end character of the wine.”
Underwood, who was co-owner of the Treehouse Bistro restaurant in Carolina Beach, will also discuss food pairings with each of the wines tasted.
“Acidity, tannins, alcohol and structure all contribute to how well a wine goes with different foods,” Underwood said. “The right wine can make the meal, but the wrong wine can ruin it. We will discuss some of the elements of these wines that make them pair well with food, and why.” The class is free to attend, RSVP required, and is sure to teach you a few things about some great wines from around the world. We will be sampling higher end wines at this event and will be offering a tasting special only of 30% off all bottles purchased during the tasting. Space is limited for this event. RSVP by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , by phone 910-805-3014, or in person at our Carolina Beach Store, 608 South Lake Park Blvd. Hope to see you there!