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All Washed Up Pet Salon and Boutique

One of the friendliest and most fun places to take your pet on the Island

The All Washed Up Pet Salon and Boutique is located in Carolina Beach at 1140 North Lake Park Boulevard #B just across the street from the Town Hall. Call at (910)458-8551 or find them Facebook. 

All Washed Up Pet Salon and Boutique in Carolina Beach is one of the friendliest and most fun places to take your pet on the Island. Your pet will surely agree as they get groomed and pampered with the full salon experience by caring professionals who love to see your furry friend looking and feeling their very best!  All Washed Up is a full service pet salon offering all the grooming services your pet needs as well as an awesome pet boutique featuring the best dog foods around, toys, and other accessories.
At All Washed Up your pet will be immersed in the full service treatment for a fresh clean and come out looking clean and healthy.  They aim to give your pet as pleasant a stay as possible in a safe and comfortable environment.  They offer their grooming services for all breeds and even temperaments of dogs and even cats.  They work with customers on their time and offer very competitive pricing for services.  They even offer will be offering pick up and delivery on the Island.   When your pet visits All Washed Up they can be treated to a full grooming service or just any one of their services offered.  A full grooming includes a bath, fluff, ear cleaning and nail trimming.  Groomer Janet Brown is trained to cut any breed by AKC guidelines but will also go by customer request.  They do defirminations to cut down on the amount of shedding and can even use special skin care products to keep your pet happy and healthy.  If you want to dress up their look a bit, All Washed Up even offers bows, bandanas and ribbons!  
In the All Washed Up Pet Boutique you will find a variety of great pet products.  On a mission to provide local pet owners with the best selection of all natural and holistic pet foods and products, All Washed Up’s boutique operator, Penny Puckett, is proud to make available foods to Island pets that are proven to be healthier and more nutritious than other brands you may currently be feeding your pet.  Many pet foods out there are full of fillers which really do nothing beneficial for your pet.  The foods at All Washed Up are from brands like Acana, Fromm, Orijen, Evangers, Blue, California Naturals and more which are rich in beneficial nutrients which your pet needs to live a longer, happier and healthier life.  Your pet is a part of your family which is why you should only give them the best and safest food on the market.  Many of the brands that All Washed Up carries are comparable in price to what you already buy but they come from family owned American companies that have been in business for decades without any recalls!  All Washed Up even offers free samples of some of their foods so you can see just how much your pet will love the flavor!  In addition to regular foods All Washed Up has a great selection of all natural treats and snacks, dental chews made from potatoes and vegetables that are easily digestible and much more.   They have tons of toys, leashes, collars, and other wonderful pet accessories.  They even have doggie life jackets for nautical dogs who love to go boating!  
The All Washed Up Pet Salon and Boutique is located in Carolina Beach at 1140 North Lake Park Boulevard #B just across the street from the Town Hall.  They are open on Mondays through Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. and they are closed on Sundays.  They are always welcoming customer feedback and requests.  Bring in the kids to visit with shops resident bunny and Butch the bird who loves to dance to music!  They will soon be offering food delivery on the island, please call for more details.  They are also currently constructing a Community Pet Board in the shop that will serve as a place to find out about all kinds of local pet news.  If you would like to find out more about All Washed Up please give them a call at (910)458-8551 or find them Facebook.  On Facebook you can view tons of pictures of their satisfied customers, store information and the latest about everything happening at All Washed Up.  
They hold a different contest each month through their Facebook page and the winner always gets a great prize so check back frequently for your chance to win!