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Islander Kwik Mart Under New Management

Islander Kwik Mart in Kure Beach on the Corner of K & Ft. Fisher Blvd.

By: Tony R. Smith
Staff Writer

Under new management as of November 2012, Sam Khatib—owner and operator—has made quite an improvement to the store as he continues to remodel.  Since November, refrigeration units have been replaced, new floors and ceiling, and a newly redrawn parking lot has been constructed.  Being the only convenient store at Kure Beach, Sam Khatib has substantially lowered the prices to prevent those long drives to the grocery store and states that, “we have a little bit of everything.” His inventory ranges from souvenirs, jewelry, frozen food, diary, fruit, and an impressive selection of wine.  Newly added is a walk-in beer cooler with everyone’s favorites.  Khatib also offers a small café/deli to all the residents and tourists that sells burgers, sandwiches, and ice cream on the weekends.  Come Memorial Day weekend, the café/deli will be open during the week as well. Wanting to offer the community a one-stop shop, Khatib has a broad range of inventory at very affordable prices.  Keep that in mind to prevent those long drives into town.  After Memorial Day weekend, the Island Kwik Mart will remain open 24/7 to better serve the island’s needs.