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Advanced Water Systems of Coastal Carolinas

“We Fix BAD Water Problems”

Advanced Water Systems is located at 14821 Hwy 17 in Hampstead. They can be reached by calling (910) 270-1214 or toll free at 1(800)865-1208.

It is no secret the Pleasure Island has water issues, whether you are dealing with foul taste, iron stains, egg odor or simply hard water Kinetico® can help! Wilmington’s Advanced Water Systems is the area's only authorized, independent Kinetico® dealer - providing you with Kinetico's state-of-the-art, non-electric water treatment equipment including Water Softeners, RO Systems and Whole-House Filters. There’s no question that the quality of the water you drink is important to you and your   family. But drinking water quality can no longer be taken for granted. There are a number of contaminants that can affect the quality of your private well water. Even municipally treated water that meets all federal guidelines can contain bacteria, viruses and protozoa along with a host of other contaminants. Many have turned to bottled water. Unfortunately, the bottled water industry is poorly regulated, and in many cases, its quality is no better than your tap water. You also need to consider the impact that bottled water has on our environment.
The best method of ensuring high purity drinking and cooking water in the home is by using a process known as Reverse Osmosis (RO). Reverse Osmosis was developed in the late 1950's with support from the U.S. government, as an economical method of desalinating seawater. Reverse osmosis is sometimes called “hyperfiltration” and represents the very low end of the filtration spectrum.
The Kinetico® Kro-GX and VX Plus Deluxe drinking water systems offer distinct advantages over other systems on the market today. These systems conveniently mount under the sink, in the crawl, garage or basement, and they feed a separate faucet at the sink and can also feed the refrigerator.  Kinetico® is a non-electric twin tank water softening system developed in the 70's in Newbury, Ohio. Kinetico® uses the kinetic energy of flowing water to run itself, much like the old grist mill of days gone by. Unlike electric water softeners that have timers and electrical circuits that are subject to power surges, power outages, and computer board failures Kinetico® is a revolution in water softening technology. No electricity, no time clock, no computer just clean, conditioned water 24 hours a day.... automatically! Kinetico saves homeowners money on salt use because it only regenerates itself based on gallons not time of day or day of week. When only a little water is used it delays regeneration, when large amounts of water are used it regenerates sooner. Increased water use by house guests cannot fool the system because of its twin tank design, soft conditioned water is always available 24 hours a day 7 days a week! Dissolved calcium and magnesium in water make it hard and cause all sorts of water problems. Some symptoms are visible, like water spots, dingy laundry, bathtub ring, dry hair and skin and the white scale buildup on faucets and shower heads. Others are just as bothersome, but not as easy to detect, like scale buildup in your home’s pipes and water-using appliances, like your water heater. Instead of treating the cause, many people tackle the symptoms of hard water. They buy all sorts of cleaning products, detergents and lotions. And they accept frequent repairs and replacement of water-using appliances as normal. The good news is that it’s easy to treat your hard water. A water softener uses a process known as ion exchange to replace the hardness minerals in your water (calcium and magnesium) with soft ones (sodium). The challenge is figuring out what you really need and finding the system that will solve your water problems and fit your budget without skimping on performance or quality.
At Advanced Water Systems, their water specialists will test your water, conduct a home water audit, learn more about your water concerns and needs and then recommend the system that is right for you.  Kinetico® softeners have been awarded Consumer Digest’s “Best Buy” and have been featured in many magazines in top regard including the Wall Street Journal, Better Homes and Gardens and Family Circle just to name a few.
Plain and simple at Advanced Water Systems "WE FIX BAD WATER!" No matter the size of the house, number of people in the house, or the amount of water used we can fix it. Your home is probably the biggest financial investment that you will ever make. It doesn't make sense to build a home or second home to have all of your water using appliances and expensive fixtures destroyed by hard water. Think about it, faucets, hot water heaters, ice makers, toilets, washing machines, and dishwashers are just  some of the costly repairs you can look forward to due to the effects of hard water. Are you experiencing any of these symptoms in your home? White scale build-up on faucets, dull and dingy laundry, dry hair and skin, cloudy glassware if so then you have hard water!
Advanced Water Systems is located at 14821 Hwy 17 in Hampstead. They can be reached by calling (910) 270-1214 or toll free at 1(800)865-1208. For more information on all the available Kinetico® visit wilmington. There you can sign up for a free water analysis with a few easy steps.