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A1 Property Management Inc.

Call David today at (910)-619-2256.

With summer upon us it never ceases to amaze me just how fast it goes by and how hectic it gets. But I hope I never take our beautiful beaches and great weather for granted. As a condo manager the summer rental season can be both exciting and exhausting for sure.
I’ve been very busy booking the condos that I manage and I’m glad to say that we’re fully booked for the summer and starting to fill up in September and October already! Rental management of condos at Carolina Beach and Kure Beach is what I do and I love it.
There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make sure each and every condo is in tip top shape when a renter arrives. It’s the attention to detail that helps ensure renters have a great time here on our island and I find that rewarding.
I love to hear their comments and I’m happy to see renters come back, summer after summer. We have so much to offer on our little island, it’s a great place to vacation.
 The condo owners who I work with are great. They vary from owners who want to be in the loop on every detail to others who prefer that I handle everything myself and just mail them their monthly rental income check. They know that when they hire me as their rental manager I will treat their condo just like I treat my own personal condo. Yes it’s a place they bought to come to and relax every once in a while but it’s also their investment and it needs to be professionally managed all year long. That’s why my job doesn’t stop when the summer ends. I continue to maintain and rent out my condos off season as well.  
Saturdays are an especially busy day around here. It starts with renters who are checking out. Each condo has to be inspected, cleaned, restocked, and everything has to be in order for the next renters checking in later that same day. Sometimes when I walk in a condo I may find a surprise or two. Things happen. Perhaps the A/C isn’t working properly, perhaps some items are missing or broken, or perhaps a renter left something behind. It’s all part of the job and certainly keeps things interesting.
You never know until you walk through that door just what you’ll find. Many times renters leave food behind in the fridge, either they forgot to check or they don’t want to take open items home with them. I can’t tell you how much soda and ice cream I collect over a summer!
Recently I received a frantic call from a renter asking if I found their daughter’s favorite stuffed animal, a pink elephant. It seems their daughter just couldn’t go to sleep without it! I found it under a bed and mailed it back to them asap (overnight delivery of course). Another time I had renters who just went on and on about how much they loved a local seascape picture of Kure Beach hanging on the wall of my condo. Well, my wife and I decided to send it to them as a present. They were so happy to receive it they when ahead and booked another week at the condo! It’s the small things that sometimes make the biggest difference in people’s lives.
Chatting with renters who have never been here before is especially fun. Giving them the inside scoop on what we’re all about helps them plan their vacation. Whether it’s a bit of Civil War history, a recommendation on a great place to eat seafood, the best place to watch the sunset (Battery Buchannan), or telling them the story of the Fort Fisher hermit – it never gets old. We have so much to offer, the list goes on and on. The renters I’ve dealt with so far this year have been great. Taking something like the beach replenishment project, which was quite inconvenient for guests, and turning it into a positive was a challenge. But, when I explained what the bulldozers were doing and that they could take their kids to see huge machines and water gushing up from a large pipe, they had fun with it. Not to mention that a Civil War cannonball popped up out of the pipe from 3 miles offshore! Most renters understood and took the cordoned off beach in stride.
I’ll also say that I’m not perfect. Although I strive to have 100% satisfaction with my renters there have been a few times when a renter wasn’t completely satisfied. But for me, each renter is an opportunity for improvement. They help me realize that I should not take them for granted. Renting a place at the beach can be a big expense and for many people this may be their first time seeing the ocean or their only vacation during the year. I hope to make it a great experience for them. Being thoughtful of others and aware of the impact I may have on both condo owners and renters helps me be a better rental manager.
I’m not the only rental management company on the island or the largest but I know who I am. I find satisfaction in providing a very high level of personal service and strive to do so at a reasonable cost. I think that’s what has helped me find fulfillment in Real Estate since 1996 and has helped me be successful in life. If you are looking for someone to manage your rental property here at the beach I hope you will give me a call. Together we’ll sit down and talk about how we can work together to meet your goals. My business model is simple: to operate a successful rental management company in a way that I can consistently provide a high level of personal service so that I can help others reach their goals and enjoy what I do in life. Thanks and enjoy the summer!  David Paul (910)-619-2256 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.