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A1 Property Management Inc.

Give David Paul, Owner of A1 Property Management Inc. a call today at  (910)-619-2256 or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

It’s the middle of August already, can you believe it! Where does the summer go? And what a busy season it’s been. Rental bookings for the condos I manage have been the best they’ve ever been. The amount of people looking to rent condos on our beautiful beaches has been incredible. Maybe it’s because of Superstorm Sandy and the difficulties experienced on the beaches of New Jersey but so many of the people who contact me wanting to rent a condo here are from our northern shores and Canada too.
And that strong demand has also spilled over to my rental bookings for the off season as well. Normally it takes a bit longer to get renters lined up in the September – December timeframe, but not this year. A large amount of people are calling asking about availability for the fall and that’s a good thing. It’s always interesting living here in our slice of heaven. As by and large we are a tourist based economy, we look forward to the summer season and the influx of tourists, both day visitors and weekly renters. Their energy and excitement really gets thing hopping around here. And our wonderful local businesses love to see happy visitors shopping, eating, enjoying themselves, and returning year after year. Whether they’re lined up to grab a hotdog at Island Hots, shopping at the Artful Living Group, or having a nice supper at The Deck House tourists make up an important part of our livelihood here for many of us. And we know where our bread is buttered. Just try to walk into Island Hots and not see Noel smile as she serves you. Her laugh is so infectious! And Chris over at Artful Living Group is always glad to help you find just the right items to make your beach vacation memorable. And the great food and service at The Deck House is not an accident. The General Manager there, Victoria, always takes care of her guests and is a joy to be around.
Of course, all this excitement also makes living here a challenge sometimes. Just try going to Food Loin on a Saturday night. You may have noticed the parking lot a bit fuller than normal. We like to complain a little about the traffic and long lines at stores but that’s what we get for living on a beautiful island such as ours. 
And the exhilarating pace of the summer extends in so many directions. It not only affects restaurants and tourist attractions, it also provides opportunities for all sorts of services.  Mike and Tammy at Executive Cleaning are constantly in and out of condos every Saturday during the summer making sure they are clean for the next group of renters checking in. Like myself, in the beginning of the summer our legs get tired going up and down all the stairs of each condo building and we breathe a bit harder. But, as Mike and Tammy can attest, by the end of the summer season we are all sprinting up and down those stairs and are in better shape! Most of my renters are great and leave the condo as neat as possible when they check out. And that’s not easy when you’re a family of six and are here for a week, that’s for sure. But always working hard to try and exceed each and every visitor’s expectations is what it’s all about. All successful business owners know that, it’s Business 101. You can even see it now a days on the TV -  shows like Restaurant Impossible or Bar Rescue. Owning and managing a successful business is about leadership, accountability, and attention to detail. 
If you’re thinking about hiring a Rental Manager to handle your condo, take a minute and ask yourself what your goals are. Is it consistent communication with what’s going on with your condo, low maintenance and upkeep expenses, year round rentals with maximum income? These are all issues I work hard on each and every day for all my clients. You won’t see “extra” fees on your monthly statement and you won’t be nickel and dimed on every small repair job. I try and keep my costs low so I can provide a high level of service at a competitive cost. If you’re thinking about buying a beach property as an investment I’d also like to work with you. As a Realtor with 17 years’ experience we can scour the area and find a place that’s just right for you. Then, we can continue our relationship as I manage your property. Call it one stop shopping. I’m lucky enough in life to have a career that I love and to be honest, most days it doesn’t feel like work at all. It feels like me helping other people achieve their dreams in life.
And that thought makes me happy. Enjoy the summer! David - Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Cell (910)-619-2256