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The Shoppes at Squigley’s

Cooper & Harper Pertchik creators of new flavors.

By: Candace Lookingbill
Staff Writer

The most important asset in The Shoppes at Squigley's are the women who visit. In the absence of little girls, teens, newlyweds, honeymooners of all ages, moms and grand moms, Squigley's and the USA would be another financial Greece. Squigley's know women make up 51% of our population and influence 85% of all purchases. Squigley's customers want value and are looking toward "what's new" and "what's next year". Squigley's comb the USA looking for crafter's, new designers, and innovative entrepreneurs whom Ann and Joe visit personally to see and hold everything they buy; whether it's in the US cities and towns or anywhere in the Americas including jungles and mountains.
Squigley's take nothing for granted. Just because a customer has shopped there doesn't mean they always will. That's why Squigley's is less likely to stock a lot of high-priced items than values which can be purchased to give customers an emotional high. Price is so important; they offer 50% off on overstocks and an ice cream award incentive to shop upstairs and in the rear at a reduction of between 5-20% on almost 90% of everything in the two gift shops. Visit Squigley's to view items not found in any other local store like Wilmington's famous Nye's Cream Sandwiches, over 4,000 flavors of real ice cream with new ones every year, unique protective devices, earring central (having sold over 35 dozen pairs of one crafter made style, and, as a bonus, see newly framed historical pictures of the area, now up to nearly 500 and the largest, oldest, public collection in New Hanover County. Visit soon, Squigley's is only open for 9-10 more weeks afterwards spending the next 5-6 months scouring half the civilized world shopping for their 2014 BIG 20TH Anniversary!