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Realtors to Unveil Historical Land Grants, Honor Donor Family at Dedication Ceremony

Photo Caption: Two of the three land grants currently on display at the WRAR Headquarters on Sir Tyler Drive.

Submitted by Wilmington Regional Association of Realtors® - On Thursday, September 5, 2013, the Wilmington Regional Association of Realtors® (WRAR) is set to unveil three historical land grant documents. The first grant is No. 1909 which was written to Edith Birk in 1793 for 640 acres of land located in Bladen County. Richard Dobb Spaight, who is named on this grant, was the first native born person to serve as Governor of North Carolina. The second grant is No. 549 which was written to Timothy B. Willey in 1775 for 640 acres of land also located in Bladen County. This grant features the name of King George III, who was King of Great Britain and Ireland from 1760 to 1801 and was later King of the United Kingdom. He was also the third British monarch of the House of Hanover for which New Hanover and Brunswick Counties were named.
Neither Birk’s nor Willey’s identity is currently unknown.
The third grant is currently in the final stages of being preserved by a professional conservator and is scheduled to be returned to WRAR just prior to the unveiling. Upon its arrival, further research will be conducted and released.
The documents were donated to WRAR by long-term former member Thomas (Tom) Wolfe. They were originally owned by Tom’s father-in-law, Julien K. Taylor Jr., who was a commercial Realtor® in the Wilmington area from approximately 1956 to 1981.
“I remember seeing these documents hanging in Julien‘s office when I was a young man learning about real estate from him,” says Wolfe. “I knew they were of some significance to him since they were on display, but I didn’t know our family still had them until we came across them recently in some of his old belongings.”
WRAR is inviting all of its members as well as any press and media to attend a dedication ceremony on September 5, 3:00pm at 1826 Sir Tyler Drive in Wilmington. The ceremony will last for about thirty minutes and precede the organization’s quarterly membership meeting which is for members only. A brief history regarding the significant events that occurred during the time period of these grants will be given. Tom and wife, Helen, along with other family members will be present as a commemorative plaque will be installed to honor their generosity.
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