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Vape Hut offers help to kick the smoking habit

Vape Hut currently have an online store,, and three retail locations in the Wilmington area. Their original store is at 4904 Carolina Beach Road in Wilmington.

By: Candace Lookingbill
Staff Writer

Bridgette Norris, and her mother, Billie, began their journey with the electronic cigarette in November 2009. With the statewide smoking ban becoming effective in January 2010, they were contemplating an alternative to their tobacco cigarettes for use while they were at work running a small karaoke show. At the time, although they both desired to quit, it was not their main motivation for learning about electronic cigarettes; they simply thought that it may work to soothe them over when they could no longer “light up” while working.
Electronic cigarettes were mostly unknown in the area. There were no places to purchase them, and because no one knew anything about them, they relied on the internet to do their research and choose starter kits that they thought may work. Their research led them to Joyetech, one of the leading companies in the development of effective electronic cigarettes. They ordered their first e-cig and upon the arrival of their electronic cigarettes was the end to their use of tobacco cigarettes and the beginning of an exciting journey for them.
Vape Hut began when people from all over started asking them to get the same e-cigs for them that they had. They would order a few kits and they were gone in a few days. They would order more. They thought they could sale a few kits a week in their computer store, and the people kept coming from all over. People were driving hours to see them. The most remarkable thing Bridgette learned is that most people who smoke wish they did not. They have tried tons of alternatives to smoking and failed. These people were quitting, and they were so happy. They continued to use their e-cigs, and Bridgette and Billie were able to recognize all the negative effects that cigarettes had on their health. The smoker's cough was gone, bronchitis was a thing of the past, and breathing became much easier. Other great things they experienced included the ability to “vape” and not worry about ashes or an unpleasant smell. It was much less expensive, too.
Vape Hut became the first retail store to service Wilmington, Carolina Beach, and any of the surrounding areas for miles. Vape Hut is a store that they are proud to be part of. They still have the same values they started with. Their customers are most important. They are here to provide effective electronic cigarettes at an affordable, fair price, but the most important thing is that they support their customers with product advice and instructions on how to use their products effectively Vape Hut and many of their staff have witnessed the beginning of the electronic cigarette boom to what it is today, and it has certainly changed a lot since their store began in late 2009.
Electronic cigarettes were not widely introduced to the U.S. market until 2006. Very few studies have been done in the U.S. on the effectiveness of the electronic cigarette or its effect on the user or bystander that may be inhaling the vapor.
All they have had on which to base their knowledge, until recently, has been testimonials from users of electronic cigarettes which have been overwhelmingly positive. What they know is that the liquid does not consist of a ton of unnecessary, harmful chemicals that are contained in a traditional tobacco cigarette. Ingredients in the E-liquid are all commonplace ingredients that have been approved by the FDA as generally safe for human consumption.
Contrary to what some people believe, nicotine is not a cancer causing chemical in and of it. It is a stimulant, much like caffeine, and has no lasting health effects on the user. Nicotine does pose certain risks to users that are at a high risk for stroke or heart attack and it is recommended that these users discontinue use.
Recently, some studies have been released in relation to e-cigs and their effectiveness for the user and the effects of the vapor on the user and the bystander. Some of these studies have been funded and supported by CASAA (The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association). One such study was done and its results have been a huge victory for the e-cigarette. Professor Igor Burstyn from the Drexel University School of Public Health concluded after reviewing 9,000 observations of the chemical make-up of the vapor and E-liquid in e-cigarettes that the levels of contaminants exposed to the user are far too insignificant to pose health risks and are no risk to bystanders. The minimal levels of chemicals in an e-cigarette are found at much greater amounts in a tobacco cigarette.
It has also been suggested by many medical professionals that the use of the electronic cigarette could significantly reduce the amount of smoking-related sickness, cancer, and death in the US within the next 10-20 years.
Another notable survey studied the effectiveness of the electronic cigarette as a means of reducing or quitting smoking and its findings were published in The American Journal of Preventive Medicine. Survey results revealed that 31 percent of the 222 respondents were not smoking six months after trying an electronic cigarette. What is even more astounding is that users who used an e-cig more than 20 times a day had a quit rate of 70 percent, a huge contrast with other more expensive methods of quitting which had much lower success rates: nicotine patches, 8.2% and nicotine gums, 7.7-8.2 percent. Even better for the e-cig is that after six months, 34.3 percent were no longer using and e-cig or any other nicotine delivery product or device.
In conclusion, the electronic cigarette has been a miracle for many smokers who have tried everything and still cannot “Kick the Butt,” and people who have experienced that miracle are more than happy to share their experience with others. If you are not sure about e-cigs, stop in one of their stores one day and do not even talk to them, talk to their customers.
They currently have an online store,, and three retail locations in the Wilmington area. Their original store is at 4904 Carolina Beach Road in Wilmington, the second location is at 4724 New Centre Drive near Target, and the third is beside Food Lion at Carolina Beach. At these stores they offer a variety of starter kits that serve social to very light smokers to heavy smokers. They also carry a variety of E-liquids, from imported to U.S. made. All of their E-liquids are made with high quality ingredients and come in a variety of flavors and nicotine strengths. Some of the E-liquids are exclusive to Vape Hut and are unique blends made with lots of flavor in mind. Bridgette and Billie always have some of the lowest retail prices you will find for high quality electronic cigarette products anywhere and they are proud to serve their customers.