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Think Island Book Shop

“Everything You could want in a local bookshop!”

The Island Book Shop is located in the heart of Carolina Beach at 100 North Lake Park Boulevard, give them a call at (910) 707-0504.

The Island Book Shop is Pleasure Island’s only bookstore and features thousands of titles.  Offering new and used selections ranging from every level from children to adult, the Island Book Shop has something for everyone.
They are always bringing in new books so stop by frequently to shop the newest titles.  The Island Book Shop will keep you happy all summer long with perfect reads for lazy afternoons on the porch or long days on the sand.  Get lost in the fantastic world of literature with the Island Book Shop! You will find great books from almost every genre imaginable at the Island Book Shop.  They offer many great “Best Seller” titles in the store that include tons of books you have been waiting to get your hands on.  They also stock a variety of local interest books that can tell you all about the area in which you live and even a section by local authors so you can read stories by the talented writers who reside right here in our neighborhoods.  You can find those books you’ve been waiting to read or find something that can teach you about the history of the area in which you live or vacation.
Their “New Book Selection” provides the reader a selection that includes everything from nationally recognized bestsellers to cookbooks and beyond.
You can find romances, stories of horror, thrillers, and those books that have themes and messages, which will resonate within you for a long time after reading.  Whatever you are passionate about you will find a title that fits your preference in the Island Book Shop in Carolina Beach.
In the “Local Interest” section you will see a multitude of great books that range from historical accounts of the area to books by local authors and even the very popular photography laden “Carolina Beach” and “Fort Fisher Hermit” books.   The Island Book Shop even offers a variety of great children’s books, coloring books, and more to keep the kids entertained and start them on the path to becoming lovers of books themselves.
The Island Book Shop also offers business center services for those who need them.  They can handle any of your fax and copy services.  Fast, convenient, and cheap the Island Book Shop can help you get those important papers handled without stress.  They even have internet access available.  If you have found yourself in the area and in immediate need of such business services, please stop by the Island Book Shop. 
They are a reliable place where you can take care of your business needs and make your life easier. The Island Book Shop also provides all kinds of other great items for their customers as well including stationary, maps and more.
The Island Book Shop is located in the heart of Carolina Beach at 100 North Lake Park Boulevard.  Their Off-Season Hours are currently Tuesdays through Saturday from 12:00pm until 5:00pm closing on Monday. If you would like to find out more about the Island Book Shop please stop in and browse their selection or give them a call at (910) 707-0504.  You can also become a friend of the Island Book Shop on and receive their entertaining “Quotes of the Day” as well as having access to the most up to date information about everything that is happening at the Island Book Shop.