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A1 Property Management Inc.

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By: Candace Lookingbill
Staff Writer

Here we go again, the time of year that absolutely flies by. Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before you know it. As we head into the last two months of the year things sure look different here on the island. The crowds are mostly gone, the lines are shorter, and the pace is much slower. This is my favorite time of year. Most days are still sunny and warm and when you walk on the beach you’ll most likely have large stretches all to yourself. It’s a great time to take a long walk and think about all that is good in life. We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place and must never forget it.
With fewer renters in the off-season it gives me a chance to take a breath and really spend some time in the condos I manage. Not that I don’t rent my condos in the off-season, but it’s just not as crazy busy as it is during the summer. I find that the attention to detail in the care of a condo can make  all the difference in a renter having a good experience or having a great experience when they rent from me. Hopefully they don’t have a bad experience and knock on wood, I’ve had a good year, a busy year. I’ve met some great people who’ve vacationed on our island for the very first time and lots of return renters who already know how great our island is. Repeat renters are surely appreciated and I always try my best to offer them a great deal.
It’s all the little things that I enjoy doing for my renters and for my clients, the condo owners. Most of my condo owners don’t live around here, their condo is an investment property for them. They hire me and rely on my expertise to take care of their condo and make sure it’s always kept in tip top shape. For me I find tremendous joy in providing excellent service so being a rental manager is a natural fit. 
Off-season my workload switches up a bit. A smaller portion of my day is dedicated to answering renter inquiries, writing up rental contracts, and dealing with renters. A larger portion now shifts to working with the condo owners themselves.  First off, a deep cleaning of each condo is a must. Although the condos get cleaned each and every time a renter checks out, there are some things that need extra time and effort and just can’t be done on a busy Saturday in the summer. Mike and Tammy at Executive Cleaning do a great job and our relationship has really grown over the past few years. Our communication and expectations are in sync and they know exactly what to do. For example, during a deep clean, they not only lift the mattresses to clean under each bed, they also flip the mattress like you would do at home so my renters aren’t always sleeping on the exact same side. Again, it’s the little things.
One of the larger projects I just helped an owner complete was a kitchen upgrade of a condo in Ocean Dunes. The owners don’t live around here and were very appreciative of my efforts on their behalf. We didn’t know it up front but the wiring behind the microwave and stove were bare wires soldered directly into the appliances! I guess that’s how it was originally built in 1984. Luckily I was able to hire a great local Electrician, Stinger Electric. Both David and Charlie really helped me out.
Last years off-season was a busy one as well. I helped my condo owners do a number of large projects. One condo had all new carpeting installed and the entire condo repainted – ceilings, walls, trim, doors, everything. It looks brand new right now. Another condo owner had new carpeting installed throughout the whole condo. It’s amazing, it now looks like a brand new condo again.  My rental management business is very personal to me. Since the very beginning I decided that treating each and every client as though they were my only client was the most important thing. It’s never been about trying to make the most money I can in life, it never has been. What motivates me is helping other achieve their goals in life.  If you’re looking for someone who cares about you and your condo as much as you do, who is willing to go the extra mile and not charge you for every little thing, and who will make sure your condo is always kept in the best condition, I hope you will consider calling me. I love what I do and am looking forward to another great year here at the beach. Thanks and have a great Thanksgiving!