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ASG Security Provides Peace of Mind

Gain the freedom and peace of mind with a security system to protect your home. Cindy Linville, of ASG Security, will help you develop a solution on what services you would need from residential, small commercial business and if you need access control.
The security systems arrange from basic security service to fire alarm systems. The security system can also be monitored through the total home management service that you can access remotely, meaning you can turn on your lights or turn them off, raise or lower thermostat temperature. The security system is also monitored 24/7.
When something is not right, notifications are sent out immediately. You also receive 24 hour customer service.
Linville works with each individual to make sure the security system covers their needs. She makes it personal in helping them feel safe at all times, either with the basic system to home management.
Cindy Linville lives in Carolina Beach and can be reached at 910-620-7494 for your free consultation. She is available to come and meet with you and discuss your security needs and prices that work for you.