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A1 Property Management

Give David Paul Owner of A1 Property Management Inc.a call today at
 (910)-619-2256 or log onto his Website for more information

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is David Paul and I’m the owner of A1 Property Management. My company manages rental properties in Carolina Beach and Kure Beach.
As most of my clients don’t live in the area they rely on me to be their eyes and ears. They count on me to maintain and rent their properties and I take that responsibility very seriously. It keeps me busy twelve months a year and I love it!
My team and I are in this business because we believe in providing the highest level of customer service to all our clients. We treat all of the properties we manage as if they were our own.  Our owners may only come here once or twice a year but that doesn’t mean we only work hard just before they arrive. We strive to continually provide the best rental experiences to all out guests. During the summer, with so many renters checking in and out, my team and I are constantly evaluating our properties, and it’s not just a quick two-minute review either. We are always looking for and finding surprises that require our time and attention.
For instance, renters like to feel at home when they’re here on vacation and it’s amazing how many of them will rearrange the furniture! We always put it back the way it was and straighten up behind them. I think most people would also be shocked at how much renters leave behind, especially items in the fridge. My daughter Kayla, who works with me cleaning and restocking our properties, is always finding cans of soda, ice cream, frozen food, shampoo, and clothing. This summer one renter even left their Iphone behind! I tried to call them but of course the number I had for them was for that phone. Luckily they discovered it missing and came back about 30 minutes later.
Proper maintenance is an area that requires constant attention. This summer a renter called to say that there was water dripping down from the ceiling in the hall bathroom! I ran over immediately and found that the A/C unit above my condo was leaking. My HVAC man, Mark, came over and quickly repaired the leak. Luckily, since we took care of it immediately, it didn’t cause much damage to the ceiling. I’m glad my renters called me right away. Another time, one Saturday this past summer, while doing our morning rounds of property inspections after renters check out, we discovered that it was very warm in one condo. Sometimes renters turn the thermostat up so we weren’t too surprised but after about a half an hour it was only getting warmer. I again called Mark and he came right over. He got it fixed and the condo cooled down before the next renters checked in.
These are just a few examples of what we do here at A1 Property Management. We have a high level of attention to detail on each and every property we manage and try our best to get issues resolved quickly before renters arrive. That’s not to say that we’ve never have problems mid week during a renters stay but most renters understand and are great to work with. Respond to the issue right away, keep people informed, get the problem resolved, and then follow up to make sure they are happy. 
When it comes to “eyes and ears” we have a whole team of people who care about the properties we manage and don’t walk past items that need attention. Whether it’s me, one of my daughters, our cleaners (Mike and Tammy) or John (my brother in law) we all work together to make sure that everything is in tip top shape, all the time.
Working with property owners and making sure their condos and homes are always clean and properly maintained is only half of our business. Getting their properties rented is the other half. We’ve had excellent success finding renters and that’s due to a great sales and marketing team. My daughter Chelsea and I work closely together to keep our various websites and social media sites updated and we strive to keep our renters informed of changes and new properties as they arise. She loves that side of the business and I’m grateful, that’s for sure.
Because we have fantastic beaches, a fun boardwalk area, two fishing piers, the NC Aquarium, and historic Fort Fisher, finding renters for the summertime isn’t extremely difficult. Families love our island and our properties are typically booked solid all summer long. In the off season it takes a bit more effort to keep our properties rented but we’ve been very successful, especially in the “shoulder seasons” of April/May and September/October.
We are proud to announce that we recently made an investment in a first class reservation management website that offers on-line booking and payments. It is tops in the industry and we believe will help us market and rent out properties even better. Feel free to check out our website:
If you’d like to learn more about hiring me and my team at A1 Property Management to manage and rent your investment property here on the island please give us a call. I’ll be glad to sit down with you and discuss how we can offer you exceptional service at competitive prices.  Thanks and  “Think Summer”!
David Paul Owner – A1 Property Management Inc. (910)-619-2256 Website: