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Spotlight On Coastal Cuisine: Pop’s Diner New Owner’s, New Menu and Open Late

Pop’s Diner is located at 104 North Lake Park Boulevard and can be reached by calling (910)458-7377.

By: Allen Denning
Staff Writer

If you made your way through the heart of Carolina Beach this last weekend then you undoubtedly saw that the familiar and shiny Pop’s Diner was bustling with business as throngs of people lined up to get in and enjoy one of Pleasure Island’s favorite dining attractions. 
Whether you like it for the nostalgic shiny diner atmosphere, the chance to pose for a picture with the famous Hot Dog Man, or because the food is just that good Pop’s seems to be a winner with the tourists and locals alike. Pop’s opened up this year on March 1st under the new ownership of Amy Webster and Patrick Puffpaff.  As previous managers of Pop’s, Pleasure Island residents Webster and Puffpaff jumped at the chance to operate the local diner when the previous owner decided to retire last year. 
Both have a long history of working in the restaurant business with Amy coming from a family of restaurant owners and Patrick having been a chef for more than 20 years. 
Now they are keeping Pop’s going, still offering some of the best burgers, hot dogs, and cheesesteaks on the Island while revamping the menu to now includes scores of additional choices.  When you go into Pop’s this year you will notice many of the same familiar faces working in the diner. What changes you will notice is that they have loaded up the menu to feature many new items including many that you won’t find anywhere else around and the inside of the diner has been redesigned to provide more seating. 
Part of the plan in bringing back Pop’s Diner this year was doing everything possible to give their patrons the best experience possible from employing one of the friendliest wait staffs on the Island to beefing up the menu and even adding several big tables to accommodate larger parties.  If you are a tried and true veteran of Pop’s then you will quickly notice the menu changes.  Still sticking with the existing theme they are still your favorite local burger joint but the new owners have tweaked the recipes a bit and brought in a slew of new items to try.  Scanning the menu you will notice that most of the choices are named after people. 
These names were chosen by the owners and staff as they all honor close family and friends of the Pop’s Diner crew.  Once you get past the names you will realize that the menu is full of delicious and fresh made options.  All of their burgers are pattied by hand each morning, the hand cut and breaded chicken tenders are the best around and every sauce they have was made in house.  To start out any meal you must try some of the appetizers like their wings which come smothered in your choice from a variety of sauces, the bacon cheese fries, or even the fried pickles.  For the main course Pop’s offers burgers made to order or choose from their list of homemade creations.  They offer 6 and 12 inch subs, po boys, and even a variety of sandwiches served on your choice of texas toast or a bun.  One of the best reviewed choices is the slow cooked “Rosemary’s beef brisket.”  Unlike any sandwich you will find on the Island this one is loaded with slow cooked beef brisket, pepperjack cheese, a chipotle BBQ sauce and slaw.  A real treat for the brisket fans!  If you are looking for a larger meal go with any of their dinner baskets which include options like fried shrimp, homemade crab cakes, and flounder.  Add some sides to any order like fries or onion rings or go with something special like the fresh cut sweet potato fries or the “deep fried sweet corn on the cob.”  No matter what you decide on you will always be pleased.  If you have room try out one of Pop’s sweet treats from their famous dessert menu. 
In true diner style they offer floats and brownie sundaes but if you are really adventurous you will have to order some fried oreos or fried twinkies. 
Pop’s knows that when you’re at the beach that you may want to eat late but your options around the Island dwindle as the night goes on, which is why they are now staying open until 3:00 a.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights throughout the rest of the summer.  So if your hunger hits you after midnight, just pay a visit to Pop’s and you can take a seat and enjoy anything off the menu or grab some grub and take it home. 
Pop’s family owned and operated diner is located in the heart of Carolina Beach at 104 North Lake Park Boulevard.  They will be offering daily specials during the summer. 
They are currently open from 11:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. on Sundays through Wednesdays and on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays they open at 11:00 a.m. and stay open late until 3:00 a.m.  Pop’s regulars will be happy to hear that they will not be closing this upcoming off season and they plan on adding many hearty selections including soups, chilis and more to get you through the winter. 
If you would like to find out more or if you would like to call in an order you can reach Pop’s diner at (910) 458-7377.  Become a fan of Pop’s on Facebook to receive the latest updates on everything happening at Pop’s this summer.