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CanvasGiclé and is located in Carolina Beach in unit 19 of the Federal Point Shopping Center right behind Wings and the ABC store. 

By: Allen Denning
Staff Writer is a locally owned and operated business that produces the highest quality Giclée prints of photography and art in the area.  Giclée (zhee-clay)is a term derived from a French word meaning to “squirt or spray” and has come to mean any high resolution ink-jet produced from a computer generated file.  At digital images such as photographs are reproduced on canvas or fine art paper resulting in a giclée print.  These prints are of outstanding quality, made right here in Carolina Beach, and sent out all over the world.  
The process starts with their digital photo editing and printing specialist, Richard Lettau, who has more than 25 years of experience in the field.  Lettau has a BS in Photography from RIT(Rochester Institute of Technology), one of the nation’s premier photography schools and has studied photography at Salzburg College in Austria.  Upon completion of his degrees he spent time working with local commercial photographers and then went on to worked for the Eastman Kodak Company where he assisted the lead photographer. 
He has tons of experience with digital cameras and photography software, working with these since their inception.  Lettau will take high resolution shots of the artwork to be transferred in their studio.  From there he will upload the image on their system where he can perfect the color and aspect ratio in order to truly capture the original image.  In the case of digital photographs the process starts with uploading the image.  Once they have the image they can then use their machines to print the image in a variety of sizes. While most people choose canvas giclée prints which are gallery wrapped and ready to hang on the wall, some prefer paper giclées which are suitable for matting and framing. 
The prints come out clean with crisp detail and amazing colors.  After the printing process the piece will then be transferred next door to their fabrication department. 
There it will be handled by Brian Baker, the teams fabrication and packaging specialist who along with the teams Production Manager, Mike Champlan will build the frame and stretch the canvas to develop a museum quality finished product which looks remarkable.  Once they are finished they then package and drop ship the piece anywhere in the country.  Drop shipping is a preferred method of delivery for artists as the piece can be sent directly from the printer to the customer without any information about the printer attached.  Once sent the piece can be tracked by the customer through email notifications every step of the way until it reaches their door! 
Local artists as well as some nationally recognized artists have found that working with, and their online gallery,, makes life easier by being able to market and sell their work to a worldwide audience.  An incredible asset for local artists who sell their work this site is already set up for purchasing and once the image it can be made available to customers and printed on demand. 
Most local artists have to find shops which will allow them to display and sell their work, which can be costly and in the end leaves them without the original piece.  When you let produce high quality prints of your work you can sell the image multiple times and still have the original to sell or enjoy.  The artist retains all copyrights to the work, orders go in through FineArt, they take care of the rest and the artist gets a check.  It is simple and efficient for the artists whose works can then be featured on the website along side big names like Steve Vaughn, Patrick O’Brien, Steve Harlan, and even the owner of and CanvasGicleePrinting .com, Joshua McClure. 
The professionals at understand the attachment artists have to their work which is why they pay extreme attention to detail and treat each piece with the utmost care.  If you choose to let them store your image for future prints to be made they can keep it in a secure storage that is never connected to any networks.  Then you can just call them up and ask for a new set of prints any time.  They are very happy to give the local art community another way to market their work and invite all local artists to contact them about turning their work into giclée prints.  
You don’t have to be a professional artist or photographer to utilize all of the wonderful services that are offered by  Walk-ins are always welcome and you can bring your photos or artwork in on any medium from your original paintings to sd cards, computer discs, flash drives or any digital media.  According to their professionals, the best way to get the highest resolution possible is to bring the original full size image.  They prefer tif files if possible but can convert most other file types such as jpegs. 
By bringing them the most raw, original image you have you will be ensured the highest resolution possible. 
They advise to always make copies of the original to play with on your home computer then you always have the original untouched versions to take to the printer.  If you aren’t sure what you have don’t worry, just give them a call and they will be more than happy to help you figure out the best method.  They encourage all of their customers to call with any questions so that they can lead you in the right direction. 
“We will literally walk you through it each step of the way,” said Champlan.  “That way you are ensured to get the best out of what you have.”  They can even help you before you take the picture or pick up the paintbrush.  “If your goal is to produce a specific size print then you must paint or take the photo in the correct aspect ratio,” said Champlan. Specific size prints can only retain the original quality if they are taken in a aspect ratio that syncs up.  According to Lettau, the best way to give yourself room to work with is to not take your photos in “full frame” rather leave some space around the edges to allow for cropping, and if you have a specific size in mind please call and they can help you determine the exact aspect ratio you should use.  Their years of experience and training have made for a combined collective of valuable advice from everyone from novice to professional.  Most amateurs are astounded by how good some of their photos end up looking when they are blown up and printed on high quality canvas. 
Then your family photos, site seeing shots, or just the random beautiful sunset which you captured can be stunning and sentimental pieces which you can then proudly display in your home. 
As well as supplying a vast selection of great canvas prints on their website, FineArt also offers a walk in wholesale print gallery that is stocked full of wonderful prints from a variety of artists and photographers.  Come on in a take the chance to peruse the shelves for the print that would go perfectly in your home.  CanvasGicléePrinting .com/ is located in Carolina Beach in unit 19 of the Federal Point Shopping Center right behind Wings and the ABC store.  Their storefront maintains hours on Mondays through Fridays from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.  They are available by phone or through their website 7 days a week.  If you would like to find out more about CanvasGicléePrinting. com/ please feel free to give them a call at (910) 458-4229 or (910) 538-5412, check out their websites at www. and, or just stop in the store today to see some of their wonderful work in person.  You can reach them via email at orders@ / is a member of the Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce.